Honda bikes onroad price in Bengaluru

If you are looking for a bike that is refined, reliable and efficient, then a Honda bike might be a good option for you. Honda is one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India and has a wide range of bikes to suit different needs and preferences. Honda bikes are known for their quality, performance and innovation. However, with so many Honda bikes available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best one for your needs. To help you out, we have compiled a table with four columns: bike name, engine capacity, mileage and onroad price in Bangalore for all latest Honda bikes. The onroad price includes ex-showroom price, RTO charges, insurance and other taxes and fees. The prices are as of June 2023 and may vary depending on the dealer and location.

Bike Name    Engine Capacity    Mileage    Onroad Price in Bangalore
Honda Activa 6G    109.51 cc    60 kmpl    Rs. 76,826
Honda Dio    109.51 cc    55 kmpl    Rs. 71,502
Honda SP 125    124 cc    65 kmpl    Rs. 85,862
Honda Shine    124 cc    55 kmpl    Rs. 78,002
Honda Unicorn    162.7 cc    50 kmpl    Rs.1,04,985
Honda Hornet 2.0    184.4 cc   45 kmpl    Rs.1,36,392
Honda Activa 125    124 cc    60 kmpl    Rs.81,142
Honda Livo    109.51 cc    74 kmpl    Rs.75,659
Honda X-Blade    162.71 cc    50 kmpl    Rs.1,15,762
Honda CB300F    286 cc    30 kmpl    Rs.2,26,216
Honda CB300R    286 cc    30 kmpl    Rs.2,77,364
Honda CD 110 Dream    109.51 cc    65 kmpl    Rs.71,305
Honda CBR650R    648.72 cc    20 kmpl    Rs.9,34,816
Honda CB200X    184 cc    45 kmpl    Rs.1,48,557
Honda Grazia    124 cc    55 kmpl    Rs.82,397

Above gives you a quick overview of the latest Honda bikes in Bangalore along with their bike name, engine capacity, mileage and onroad price. You can compare the features and specifications of these bikes on various online platforms or visit the nearest showroom to get more details. You can also check the availability, offers and discounts on these bikes before making your final decision.