Life lessons from life of Dr.Rajkumar

Dr.Rajkumar was a legendary actor and singer who worked in Kannada cinema for over five decades. He was also a humanitarian, a scholar and a cultural icon who was revered by millions of fans across the world. He was popularly known as Annavaru (elder brother) and Nata Saarvabhouma (emperor of actors) among his admirers. He was honored with many awards and recognitions, including the Padma Bhushan, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award and the Karnataka Ratna. He passed away on 12 April 2006, leaving behind a rich legacy of films, songs and social service.

Dr.Rajkumar’s life is an inspiration and a lesson for all of us. He taught us how to pursue our passion with dedication and excellence. He showed us how to be humble and respectful towards everyone. He demonstrated how to be patriotic and proud of our culture and heritage. He exemplified how to be generous and compassionate towards the needy and the oppressed. He also taught us how to be courageous and resilient in the face of challenges and difficulties.

Here are some of the life lessons that we can learn from Dr.Rajkumar’s life:

  • Follow your dreams: Dr.Rajkumar was born as Singanalluru Puttaswamaiah Muthuraju in a poor family in Gajanur, a small village in Tamil Nadu. He had a passion for acting and singing since his childhood. He joined his father’s drama troupe at the age of eight and learned the nuances of theatre and music from his guru Gubbi Veeranna. He got his first break in films in 1954 when he was offered the lead role in Bedara Kannappa by director HLM Simha, who renamed him as Rajkumar. He went on to act in over 200 films in various genres and roles, earning acclaim and admiration from critics and audiences alike. He also sang over 300 songs in his own voice, winning a National Award for singing. He followed his dreams with determination and hard work, and achieved success and fame beyond his imagination.
  • Be humble and respectful: Dr.Rajkumar was known for his simplicity and humility. He never let his fame or wealth get into his head. He always treated everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their status or background. He never indulged in any controversies or scandals. He never spoke ill of anyone or criticized anyone’s work. He always acknowledged his co-stars, directors, producers, technicians and fans for their support and contribution to his career. He always expressed his gratitude to God and his guru for their blessings and guidance.

Life lessons from life of Dr.Rajkumar

  • Be patriotic and proud: Dr.Rajkumar was a staunch patriot who loved his country and his language. He never acted in any other language films except Kannada, even though he received many offers from other film industries. He always promoted Kannada culture and literature through his films and songs. He also participated in various movements and causes for the welfare of Karnataka and Kannada people. He played a key role in the Gokak agitation in 1983, which demanded primacy for Kannada language in education and administration. He also supported the cause of farmers, workers, women, children and backward classes. He was kidnapped by forest brigand Veerappan in 2000, but he refused to give up his love for Karnataka or Kannada even under captivity.
  • Be generous and compassionate: Dr.Rajkumar was a philanthropist who donated generously to various charitable organizations and causes. He also established a production company that produced many films that highlighted social issues and messages. He also supported many aspiring actors, singers, writers and directors by giving them opportunities and guidance. He also provided free food, shelter and education to many poor children through his trust fund. He also helped many people who were affected by natural calamities, wars, riots or diseases.
  • Be courageous and resilient: Dr.Rajkumar faced many challenges and difficulties in his life, but he never gave up or lost hope. He overcame poverty, illiteracy, competition, criticism, health problems, accidents, threats and kidnapping with courage and resilience. He always maintained a positive attitude and a cheerful smile on his face. He always prayed to God and trusted His will. He always inspired others with his optimism and faith.

Here are some of his famous quotes that reflect his wisdom and vision:

  • “Life is a drama. We have to play our roles well.”
  • “The greatest wealth in this world is health.”
  • “The greatest happiness in this world is to make others happy.”
  • “The greatest virtue in this world is honesty.”
  • “The greatest service in this world is to serve humanity.”
  • “The greatest religion in this world is love.”
  • “The greatest language in this world is Kannada.”