5 different office politics and how to deal with it

Office politics is the use of power and influence to gain personal or professional advantages in the workplace. Office politics can be positive or negative, depending on how they are played and what the outcomes are. Office politics can affect your career, your relationships, and your well-being, so it is important to understand the different types of office politics and how to win over them.

Here are some common types of office politics and how to deal with them:

  • The Gossip: This is the person who spreads rumors, secrets, and negative information about others, either to harm their reputation or to boost their own. The gossip can create a toxic work environment and damage trust and morale among colleagues. To win over the gossip, you should avoid engaging in or listening to their gossip, confront them politely if they spread false or harmful information about you, and focus on building positive relationships with your co-workers based on facts and respect.
  • The Sycophant: This is the person who flatters, praises, and agrees with their boss or someone in a higher position, either to gain their favor or to avoid their wrath. The sycophant can undermine your credibility and performance by taking credit for your work, sabotaging your projects, or bad-mouthing you behind your back. To win over the sycophant, you should avoid competing with them for attention or recognition, stand up for yourself and your ideas with confidence and evidence, and demonstrate your value and contribution to your boss and the organization.
  • The Bully: This is the person who intimidates, threatens, or harasses others, either to assert their dominance or to cover up their insecurities. The bully can cause you stress, anxiety, and fear, and affect your productivity and well-being. To win over the bully, you should avoid provoking them or showing weakness, report their behavior to your manager or HR if it crosses the line, and seek support from your allies and mentors in the workplace.
5 different office politics and how to deal with it

  • The Manipulator: This is the person who uses deception, persuasion, or coercion to influence others to do what they want, either to achieve their goals or to serve their interests. The manipulator can exploit your emotions, values, or needs, and make you do things that are against your best interests or ethics. To win over the manipulator, you should avoid falling for their tricks or traps, question their motives and logic, and set clear boundaries and expectations with them.
  • The Competitor: This is the person who sees everything as a competition and tries to outperform, outsmart, or outshine others, either to prove themselves or to get ahead. The competitor can challenge you, motivate you, or inspire you, but they can also undermine you, sabotage you, or steal from you. To win over the competitor, you should avoid comparing yourself with them or feeling threatened by them, collaborate with them when possible and beneficial, and focus on your own strengths and goals.

Office politics is inevitable in any workplace, but it does not have to be negative or harmful. By understanding the different types of office politics and how to win over them, you can navigate the workplace with confidence and success.