5 things parents should teach their children on value of Independance day and Patriotism

India is a country with a glorious history, a rich culture, and a vibrant democracy. It is also a country that has faced many challenges and struggles to achieve its freedom and sovereignty. On August 15, every year, we celebrate the Independence Day of India, the day when India became free from British colonial rule in 1947. This day is not only a national holiday, but also a day of pride, gratitude, and respect for our country and its people.

As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children the value of Indian Independence Day and develop patriotism in them. Patriotism is the love and respect for one's country and its ideals. It is not just a feeling, but also a duty and a commitment to serve the nation and its people. Patriotism also means being aware of the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of India.

How can we teach our children the value of Indian Independence Day and develop patriotism in them? Here are some suggestions:

- Tell them the history of Indian Independence Day. Explain to them how India was ruled by the British for almost 200 years, and how the Indian people fought for their freedom through various movements and leaders. Tell them about the sacrifices and contributions of the freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Rani Lakshmi Bai, and many others. You can also show them books, movies, documentaries, or websites that depict the history of Indian Independence Day.

5 things parents should teach their children on value of Independance day and Patriotism

  1. Celebrate Indian Independence Day with them. Take them to the flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, cultural programs, or other events that are organized in your locality or school on this day. You can also organize your own celebration at home by decorating your house with tricolor flags, balloons, or rangoli. You can also cook or order some traditional Indian dishes and sweets. You can also sing or play patriotic songs or watch patriotic movies with them.
  2. Teach them respect for national symbols. Teach them the meaning and significance of national symbols such as the national flag, anthem, emblem, animal, bird, flower, etc. Teach them how to salute the flag, stand up for the anthem, and follow the etiquette and rules while displaying or handling the national symbols.
  3. Encourage them to participate in patriotic activities. Encourage them to take part in patriotic activities such as essay writing, quiz, painting, poster making, slogan writing, etc. that are organized by schools or other organizations on or around Independence Day. You can also help them to do some research or projects on topics related to Indian Independence Day or patriotism. You can also encourage them to join clubs or groups that promote patriotism or social service.
  4. Be a role model for them. The best way to teach your children patriotism is to be patriotic yourself. Show your love and respect for your country by being a responsible citizen. Follow the laws and rules of the country. Pay your taxes and bills on time. Vote in elections and participate in civic affairs. Respect the diversity and unity of India and its people. Avoid negative or hateful comments about your country or its leaders. Support and appreciate the achievements and efforts of your country in various fields.
  5. Inspire them with stories of patriotic heroes. Inspire your children with stories of patriotic heroes who have served or are serving the nation in different ways. Tell them about the brave soldiers who protect our borders and sacrifice their lives for our security. Tell them about the scientists who have made remarkable discoveries and innovations for our progress. Tell them about the social workers who have dedicated their lives for the welfare of the poor and needy. Tell them about the sportsmen who have brought laurels and glory for our country. Tell them about any other person who has made you proud to be an Indian.

By following these suggestions, you can teach your children the value of Indian Independence Day and develop patriotism in them. You can also make them realize that patriotism is not just a one-day affair, but a lifelong commitment. You can also make them understand that patriotism does not mean blind loyalty or chauvinism, but critical thinking and constructive action. You can also make them aware that patriotism does not mean hatred or violence towards other countries or people, but peace and cooperation.

Remember that children are the future of our nation. By teaching them patriotism, you are not only fulfilling your duty as a parent, but also as a citizen of India.