Krishna and Sudhama puffed rice friendship moral story

Sudama was a poor Brahmin who lived in a small hut with his wife and children. He was a childhood friend of Krishna, the Supreme Lord, who had incarnated as a human prince in Dwaraka. Sudama and Krishna had studied together under the same guru, Sandipani, and had shared many adventures and memories.

Sudama was devoted to Krishna and always remembered him with love and gratitude. However, he never asked Krishna for any help or favor, as he was content with his simple life and trusted God’s will. He also did not want to disturb Krishna, who was busy with his royal duties and responsibilities.

One day, Sudama’s wife urged him to visit Krishna and seek his help, as their condition was becoming worse day by day. They had barely enough food to eat and clothes to wear. She said that Krishna would be happy to see his old friend and would surely help him out of his misery. Sudama agreed to go, but he felt ashamed to go empty-handed. His wife then borrowed some puffed rice from a neighbor and packed it in a torn cloth for him to offer to Krishna.

Sudama set out on his journey with the humble gift. He reached Dwaraka and was amazed by the grandeur and splendor of the city. He wondered how he would meet Krishna in such a huge palace. He asked the guards at the gate to let him in, but they laughed at his shabby appearance and mocked him. Sudama did not lose hope and prayed to Krishna in his heart.

Meanwhile, Krishna sensed that his dear friend had come to see him. He immediately ran to the gate and embraced Sudama with joy. He took him by the hand and led him to his palace. He treated him with great honor and respect. He washed his feet, offered him a seat, and served him delicious food. He also asked Rukmini, his consort, to fan Sudama with a whisk.

Sudama felt overwhelmed by Krishna’s affection and hospitality. He could not believe that the Lord of the universe was treating him like a guest of honor. He also felt shy to give him the puffed rice, which seemed so insignificant in comparison to Krishna’s opulence. He tried to hide it from him, but Krishna noticed it and snatched it from him. He opened the cloth and took a handful of the puffed rice and ate it with delight. He said that it was the most precious gift he had ever received, as it was given with love and devotion. He took another handful and ate it, but when he was about to take a third one, Rukmini stopped him. She said that two handfuls were enough to grant Sudama all the wealth and prosperity he needed.

Krishna and Sudhama puffed rice friendship moral story


Sudama did not understand what she meant, but he did not care for any material benefits. He was happy just to see his friend and spend some time with him. They talked about their childhood days and reminisced about their pastimes. Sudama forgot all about his poverty and problems. He stayed with Krishna for some time and then took leave from him. Krishna hugged him and bade him farewell, but did not give him anything. Sudama did not mind at all, as he did not expect anything from him.

Sudama returned to his village with a peaceful mind and a joyful heart. He thanked Krishna for his grace and mercy. As he reached his hut, he was shocked to see that it had been replaced by a huge mansion. His wife and children came out of the mansion, dressed in fine clothes and adorned with jewels. They welcomed him with happiness and reverence. They told him that a divine miracle had happened in his absence, and that their hut had been transformed into a palace overnight.

Sudama realized that it was all Krishna’s doing, and that he had rewarded him for his friendship and faithfulness. He felt humbled and grateful for Krishna’s kindness and generosity. He also felt detached from the worldly pleasures and comforts that he had received. He decided to use his wealth for the welfare of others and for the service of God.

Moral: The story of Sudama and Krishna teaches us the value of true friendship, devotion, humility, and contentment. It shows that God knows our needs and desires, and fulfills them at the right time. It also shows that God loves us unconditionally, regardless of our status or appearance. We should always remember God with love and gratitude, and trust His plan for us.