What is Pure love , How to know whether you purely love someone deeply

Pure love is a term that is often used to describe a feeling of unconditional and selfless devotion to another person. Pure love is not based on any external factors, such as appearance, status, wealth, or achievements. Pure love is not influenced by any selfish motives, such as lust, greed, or jealousy. Pure love is not dependent on any conditions, such as expectations, demands, or rewards. Pure love is a state of being that transcends the physical and emotional realms and connects two souls in a spiritual bond.

Characteristics of Pure Love

Pure love has many characteristics that distinguish it from other forms of love. Some of the characteristics of pure love are:

  • Respect: Pure love respects the individuality and autonomy of the other person. It does not try to change, control, or manipulate them. It accepts them as they are and supports their growth and development.
  • Trust: Pure love trusts the honesty and integrity of the other person. It does not doubt, suspect, or accuse them. It believes in their goodness and potential.
  • Compassion: Pure love feels the pain and joy of the other person. It does not judge, criticize, or blame them. It empathizes with their feelings and needs and tries to help them in any way possible.
  • Forgiveness: Pure love forgives the mistakes and shortcomings of the other person. It does not hold grudges, resentments, or bitterness. It understands that everyone is human and imperfect and learns from the experiences.
  • Gratitude: Pure love appreciates the presence and contribution of the other person. It does not take them for granted or ignore them. It expresses gratitude for their existence and their role in one’s life.
  • Generosity: Pure love gives without expecting anything in return. It does not calculate, bargain, or demand. It shares freely and joyfully whatever it has with the other person.
  • Loyalty: Pure love stays faithful and committed to the other person. It does not cheat, betray, or abandon them. It stands by their side through thick and thin and honors their vows and promises.

What is Pure love , How to know whether you purely love someone deeply


How do you know if you purely love someone

Pure love is not something that can be easily measured or quantified. However, there are some signs that can indicate if one purely loves someone or not. Some of the signs are:

  • You feel happy when they are happy and sad when they are sad.
  • You put their happiness and well-being above your own.
  • You do not feel jealous or insecure when they succeed or interact with others.
  • You do not feel angry or hurt when they disagree or argue with you.
  • You do not feel bored or restless when you spend time with them.
  • You do not feel guilty or ashamed when you share your thoughts and feelings with them.
  • You do not feel afraid or anxious when you think about your future with them.
  • You feel a deep connection and harmony with them on a spiritual level.

Pure love is a rare and precious gift that can enrich one’s life and make it more meaningful and fulfilling. Pure love is not something that can be forced or fabricated. It is something that can only be discovered and nurtured within oneself and with another person who shares the same vision and values. Pure love is a journey that requires patience, courage, and dedication. But it is also a journey that rewards one with joy, peace, and bliss.

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