Love story of Kannada film legends Vishuvardhan and Bharathi

Vishnuvardhan and Bharathi are one of the most loved and celebrated couples of Kannada film industry. Their love story is a tale of romance, struggle, and triumph that has inspired many generations of fans and admirers. Here is how their love story began and blossomed into a lifelong partnership.

The First Meeting

Vishnuvardhan and Bharathi first met on the sets of the Kannada movie Nagarahavu in 1972. Bharathi was already an established actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema, while Vishnuvardhan was a newcomer who had made his debut in the same film. Bharathi played the role of Ramachari’s (Vishnuvardhan) love interest, and the two shared a sizzling chemistry on screen. However, off screen, they were just friends and colleagues who respected each other’s work.

The Proposal

It was during the shooting of their second film together, Bangarada Manushya in 1973, that Vishnuvardhan realized his feelings for Bharathi. He was impressed by her professionalism, dedication, and beauty. He decided to propose to her, but he was nervous and unsure of her response. He wrote a letter to her, expressing his love and asking her to marry him. He gave the letter to his friend and co-star Rajinikanth, who was also working in the same film, and asked him to deliver it to Bharathi.

Rajinikanth, who was a good friend of both Vishnuvardhan and Bharathi, agreed to help him. He went to Bharathi’s room and handed over the letter to her. Bharathi was surprised and confused by the letter. She did not expect Vishnuvardhan to propose to her, as they had never shown any signs of romantic interest in each other. She was also worried about the consequences of accepting or rejecting his proposal, as they were both popular actors with a huge fan following. She decided to take some time to think and reply to him.

The Acceptance

Bharathi thought about Vishnuvardhan’s proposal for a few days. She realized that she also had feelings for him, and that he was a good person who would make a great husband. She also felt that they had a lot in common, as they both loved acting and had a passion for cinema. She decided to accept his proposal and wrote a letter to him, saying yes. She gave the letter to Rajinikanth, who was happy to see that his friends had found love. He delivered the letter to Vishnuvardhan, who was overjoyed to read Bharathi’s acceptance. He thanked Rajinikanth for his help and hugged him.

Love story of Kannada film legend Vishuvardhan and Bharathi


The Marriage

Vishnuvardhan and Bharathi decided to get married as soon as possible, as they did not want to delay their happiness. They faced some opposition from their families, who were not happy with their inter-caste and inter-state marriage. Vishnuvardhan belonged to a Brahmin family from Karnataka, while Bharathi belonged to a Reddy family from Andhra Pradesh. They also faced some resistance from their fans, who did not want to see their favorite stars getting married. However, they did not let these obstacles stop them. They eloped and got married in a simple ceremony at a temple in Chennai on February 27, 1975. They later had a grand reception in Bangalore, where they invited their friends, relatives, and colleagues from the film industry.

The Happy Ending

Vishnuvardhan and Bharathi had a happy and successful marriage that lasted for 34 years, until Vishnuvardhan’s untimely death in 2009. They had two adopted daughters, Keerthi and Chandana, whom they loved and cared for as their own. They also had a flourishing career in cinema, where they acted in more than 40 films together, and became one of the most popular and iconic pairs of Kannada cinema. They were known for their on-screen chemistry, versatility, and charisma. They also supported each other in their personal and professional lives, and stood by each other through thick and thin. They were a couple made for each other, and their love story is a legend in the history of Kannada cinema.