Merry christmas , festival celebrations and special foods

Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came to redeem all mankind and call them to himself. It is a day of remembrance and worship, but also a day to remember God’s plan of redemption, his promise, his generosity, his future, his family, his gift, his love, and his peace. Christmas is observed on December 25 in most parts of the world, although some Eastern Orthodox churches follow a different calendar and celebrate it on January 7. Christmas is also a secular and cultural holiday that is enjoyed by billions of people around the world, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The history and origin of Christmas are complex and intertwined with various cultural and religious traditions, including some pagan elements. The earliest evidence of the celebration of Christmas dates back to the fourth century, when the Roman Emperor Constantine declared it as an official holiday. However, the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown and disputed by scholars. Some suggest that December 25 was chosen to coincide with the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, which was celebrated by many ancient peoples as a symbol of the rebirth of the sun and the hope of new life. Others argue that December 25 was derived from the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, which commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean revolt. Still others claim that December 25 was based on a calculation of nine months after March 25, the date of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive and bear a son.

Christmas is celebrated in various ways around the world, depending on the local customs and traditions. Some of the common elements include:

  • Decorating evergreen trees, wreaths, mistletoe, and holly, which symbolize eternal life, joy, love, and hope.
  • Exchanging gifts, cards, and greetings, which express gratitude, friendship, and goodwill.
  • Singing carols, hymns, and songs, which praise God and tell the story of Jesus’ birth.
  • Attending church services, which worship God and commemorate the events of the first Christmas.
  • Sharing meals, feasts, and treats, which celebrate the bounty of God’s provision and the fellowship of family and friends.
  • Waiting for Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, or the Christ Child, who are mythical figures that bring gifts to children on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.
Merry christmas , festival celebrations and special foods


Christmas is also a time to enjoy some special foods that are prepared for the occasion. Some of the popular dishes include:

  • Roast turkey, ham, goose, or duck, which are served with stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and various side dishes.
  • Plum pudding, fruit cake, mince pies, gingerbread, and cookies, which are rich and sweet desserts that often contain dried fruits, nuts, spices, and alcohol.
  • Eggnog, mulled wine, cider, and hot chocolate, which are warm and festive drinks that often contain cream, eggs, sugar, and spices.
  • Candy canes, chocolates, nuts, and candies, which are colorful and fun treats that often decorate the Christmas tree or fill the stockings.

For those who live in or visit Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, India, there are some destinations that are worth visiting during the Christmas season. Some of them are:

  • St. Mary’s Basilica: This is the oldest church in Bengaluru and the only basilica in Karnataka. It is located in Shivaji Nagar and is known for its Gothic architecture and its grand Christmas celebrations.
  • St. Mark’s Cathedral: This is one of the oldest Anglican churches in Bengaluru and a prominent landmark on M.G. Road. It is known for its beautiful colonial style and its choir that sings carols and hymns during Christmas.
  • St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral: This is a Roman Catholic church that has a large dome and a cross-shaped structure. It is located in Cleveland Town and is known for its festive decorations and its midnight mass on Christmas Eve.
  • St. Andrew’s Church: This is a Presbyterian church that is named after the patron saint of Scotland. It is located in Shivaji Nagar and is known for its Scottish traditions and its pipe organ that plays music during Christmas.
  • Holy Trinity Church: This is an Anglican church that is located near Trinity Circle on M.G. Road. It is known for its elegant architecture and its Christmas tree that is lit up every year.