Rainy Season is Here, How to Stay Safe from Falling Trees and Whom to inform

The pitter-patter of rain on rooftops, the cool breeze, and the vibrant green landscape – the monsoon season in Bengaluru is undeniably delightful. But with the refreshing showers come strong winds and thunderstorms, which can pose a significant threat , falling trees.

Why are old and dry trees more susceptible during the monsoon?

During the dry season, trees lose moisture, making their branches brittle and more prone to snapping under strong winds. The heavy rains further saturate the soil, loosening the roots' grip on the ground. This combination of factors significantly increases the risk of old or dry trees succumbing to the monsoon's fury.

Statistics paint a concerning picture. A 2021 report by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) revealed that Bengaluru has lost over 1,100 trees due to various reasons in the past decade. Monsoon storms are a major contributor to this loss. 

Taking Precautions Before Trouble Hits

Prevention is always better than cure. Here's what you can do to stay safe from falling trees during the monsoon:

1. Be Proactive:  Don't wait for a disaster to strike. If you see a tree in your neighborhood that appears old, dry, or has large, dead branches, take immediate action.

2. Inform BBMP:  The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is responsible for maintaining trees within the city limits.  Contact your local BBMP office and report any potentially hazardous trees. Here's how you can make things easier:

  •     Take pictures of the tree as evidence.
  •     Note the exact location of the tree (street address, landmark).
  •     Be polite but firm in requesting an inspection and necessary action.

List of forest offices contact zone wise to inform about such dry trees which are in falling condition

  • East zone - 9380090027
  • West zone - 9449659252
  • South zone - 080-26566362, 9480685704
  • Dasarahalli - 9164042566
  • Bommanahalli - 9580685399
  • Yelahanka - 9164042566
  • R.R.Nagar - 7760553545

Remember, by taking these simple steps, you can not only protect yourself and your loved ones but also contribute to preserving Bengaluru's precious tree cover.

Let's work together to make this monsoon season safe and enjoyable for everyone!