Bengaluru Parks Timings Extension till 10 PM, enhancing Public Recreation and Safety

Bengaluru, known for its lush greenery and serene parks, has always been a favorite among its residents. The recent implementation of the Parks Timings Extension aims to further enhance citizens experience while ensuring safety and security.

Extended Timings: From Dawn to Dusk

One of the most significant changes brought about by the extension is the extended operating hours of all public parks. Previously, parks closed by late evening, limiting recreational opportunities for night owls and early risers. Now, citizens can enjoy the fresh morning air or unwind after a long day until 10 PM. This extension promotes a healthier lifestyle by encouraging outdoor activities during different times of the day.

Enhanced Security Measures
Safety is paramount, especially in public spaces. The Parks Timings Extension addresses this by deploying police patrols and marshals across all parks. These personnel ensure that visitors feel secure and can enjoy their time without any concerns. Their presence deters anti-social activities and provides immediate assistance in case of emergencies.

Reporting and Complaint Mechanism
The extension also introduces a streamlined reporting system. If citizens witness any illegal activities or encounter issues within the park premises, they can promptly report them. Here's how:

Bengaluru Parks Timings Extension till 10 PM, enhancing Public Recreation and Safety

Helpline Numbers:
Citizens can call the helpline numbers 080-22660000 or 080-22221188 to report incidents or seek assistance. WhatsApp Helpline: For added convenience, citizens can use WhatsApp to report incidents. Simply message the details to 9480685700, and authorities will respond promptly.

Early morning joggers, yoga enthusiasts, and families can now enjoy the parks during the serene hours of dawn. Evening walkers and fitness enthusiasts can also make the most of the extended evening hours. Knowing that police patrols and marshals are present provides peace of mind. Families, senior citizens, and solo visitors can relax and enjoy their time without worrying about safety. The efficient complaint mechanism ensures that citizens' concerns are addressed promptly. Whether it's a maintenance issue, safety concern, or any other issue, citizens have a direct channel to report it.