Omkar Hills near Rajarajeshwari Nagar , Bangalore

It was one of the most relaxing journey we had last week at Omkar Hills near Rajarajeshwari Nagar, just at 10 kms away from center of the city. This is just behind the JSS college for Engineering.

MatysaNarayana Temple

MatsyaNarayana Temple is at the top of the hill , and is acclaimed to be first of the temple of this kind. The panoramic view of the city is amazing from this  point. There is also an ashram where many children study about vedas and mantras everyday

Shiva Temple - 12 Jyoti lingas

 Opposite to MatsyaNarayana temple is Shiva temple . The speciality of this temple is it has all 12 Jyotir linga which is considered as the most sacred in India. So Visiting this place may be virtually equivalent to visiting all jyotir lingas throughout India.

The base of each Linga has 1008 marble lingas which is interesting. This makes this place a must visit one.

Gaint Stone clock in the temple premises
The gaint stone clock is another attraction of this place. Powered by HMT !!

Sunset View from the temple

 Temple being at a higher altitude , makes an evening trip really awesome. The sunset view from behind the temple is really relaxing , it is at this time the loud Om chanting music is played at the temple.

Some Views from the temple
This temple seem to be built in a area which was previously a forest , so you get to see lot of trees and bushes around. 

View from the temple
 So if you are looking for a cool weekend trip with your family , this is a must visit place.

Best time to visit this place will be early in the morning and at evening.  Hope you enjoyed this share.