Nanjundeshwara temple , Nanjangudu near Mysore

We visited Nanjangudu town of Mysore district and famous Nanjundeshwara Temple here. 

Nanjundeshwara is another form of Lord Shiva. This temple has historic importance and was renovated by the Rajas of Mysore during the 18th century.  Surrounded by the temple is river Kapila where devotees take the sacred bath. This place is also famously known as the Dakshina Kashi of India. 

Inside the temple - Big bull idol

View of the Shiva Gopuram

Temple gopuram

A view of the temple

View of the temple

River Kapila near the temple - devotees

River Kapila
Temple view at Night
Temple side View
If you happen to visit this temple in early morning , you may notice an elephant carries a priest carrying the holy water from Kapila river , inside the temple premises till the Inner sanctum . This is used for abhisheka temple.

Elephant carrying priest - Morning Abhisheka

This is around 100 miles from Bangalore and a must visit place. Best time to visit this place is during the summer season between Mar to June.  Temple is open between morning 06 AM to 01 PM and in the evening between 4.00 PM to 8.30 PM.   People who visit here also visit the Parashurama Kshetra around half a kilometer from this spot. 

Do visit this spot and share your experience.