Sri Venkataramana Fort Temple , Kote Anjeneya Temple , Bangalore , Karnataka

In this post , we cover our visit experience to one of the oldest Sri Venkataramana temple in the heart of Bangalore city near K.R.market area. 

History of this temple

  • Temple was constructed by Sri Chikkadevaraja wodeyar of Mysore Kings family during 15th century , later renovated by Sri Kanteerava Narasaraja Wodeyar
  • Opposite to this temple was a large parade ground where British used to conduct parades. Behind this temple was Tippu Sultan's summer palace which is present even now and is one of the major tourist attractions
  • During the 3rd Mysore war in 1791 , under the instruction of Lord Carnvalis who was the governor of general India , bullet aimed at Tippu Sultan from British army from parade ground hit the temple garuda gambha / pillar and saved Tippu's life
Temple View from Tippu Sultan Summer palace

Temple follows Dravidian style of construction. The stone walls around the sanctum depicts Girija kalyana with various idols comprising of Brahma , Vishnu , Maheshwara , Saptha Rishis , Saptha Matrukes and Asta Dikpalakaas. There are 4 huge pillars with carvings of Navaranga sculptures,

Temple Inside View
 Main deity has idol of Sri prasanna Venkataramana , to its south west is Sri Anjaneya swamy and its north -west is Sri MahaLakshmi Sannidhis.

Temple Pillars View

Temple gopuram

There is a Jathra conducted once in a year here during May/June.  Vaikunta Ekadashi pooja is conducted in this temple and is celebrated by a large amount of people staying nearby. Many events and marriages are also conducted here.

Best time to visit this temple is during morning before 12:00 PM and late in the evening between 18:00 to 19:00 hours.

Also located nearby is Kote Anjeneya (Lord Hanuman) temple which attracts tourists and worshiped by the localities.

Kote Anjeneya Temple - Lord Hanuman

Do visit this spot and share your visit experience.