Tipu Sultan Summer Palace , Bangalore , Karnataka

This magnificent palace in wood , stone , mortar and plaster was started by Nawab Hyder Ali Khan in 1781 AD, and completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791 AD. It is situated within the fort walls of Bangalore, next to Sri Venkataramana temple.

Front view of the Palace

Though it seems like a one storied pillard pavilion , it is actually a double storied building of symmetrical plan, typical of this style of architecture. Built on a stone plinth , the facade has gigantic pillars in wood with stone bases , that support huge wooden beams constituting the structure. Cusped arches and brackets spring off the pillars in typical Indo-Islamic style , painted and polished in two different colors to accentuate the carvings on them.

Inside the palace 

Garden on the side of the palace

The walls and wooden ceilings of the entire palace are painted in floral motifs on madder red surface , in muled warm colors , gilded in great detail and beauty.

Inside the palace - Pillars

The upper chambers and balconies can be accessed by four stair cases leading to them.The central portion on the first floor , is a large hall leading off to four small rooms at its corners. These rooms are considered the Zenana Quarters. Located in the two balconies on the north and south were the seats of State, where the Sultan held audience and conducted his affairs of State. There is an enclosed private space below this area that houses a museum.

Visitors inside the palace

An inscription on a stone found in the palace describes it best as an 'abode of Happiness and envy of Heaven'.

A stone showing the construction years

garden in front of the palace

There is entry fee of Rs.5 for Indians and Rs.150 for foreigners . Best time to visit this place is during 11:00 to 16:00 hrs. Do visit this spot and share your experience with us.