October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi - Non-violence day. Its importance and your responsibility

October 2nd , one of the national holidays in India on account on Gandhi Jayanthi , to mark the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji , our father of nation who played a vital role for India independence from British.  Also known as Bapuji , Gandhiji was born on 2nd Oct 1869 at Porbandar , India. Also this day is celebrated internationally as Non-violence day.

Are you curious to know - what made Gandhiji so special and distinct , why there is a separate national holiday for his anniversary unlike other freedom fighters ? What is your role and responsibility on this day?

What made Gandhiji special

Yes, if you are an Indian you may have studied about Gandhiji & his teachings. His great thoughts and qualities stood out among the mass which made him a great leader.  Few of his unique qualities & work which made him special in a nutshell -
  • The practice of Non-Violence 
  • Satyagraha - devotion towards Truth.
  • Involvement in Civil rights movement in Africa while working as Barrister
  • Champarana and Kheda agitations
  • The Khilafat movement
  • Non-CoOperation movement as another tool in the struggle for independence
  • Dandi March - Salt Satyagraha
  • Opposition to child marriage
  • Quit India Movement
  • Swaraj Movement
  • Major role in uniting the Muslim & Hindu communities during Independence
  • Simple living , Celibacy / Bramhacharya , Fasting methods as a tool for freedom struggle
What is your responsibility on this day - Be the change you want to see in this world
  • To be a Gandhian - It is the duty of every Indian to remember this great leader on this occasion and pay respects
  • Gandhiji and his teachings are always inspiring to one's life . To the possible extent, one should read and educate others & children about his teachings , autobiography
  • As a tribute ,one should follow non violence
  • If possible , to wear a Khadi cloth instead of other foreign products , Gandhiji always advocated to wear homespun clothes rather than foreign textiles. 
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Special occasions in Bangalore
  • Khadi cloth will be sold at discounted prices at Khadi Gram Udyog and other Khadi showrooms.
  • Discourses about Gandhiji teachings will be arranged in Malleshwaram Gandhi Sahitya Sanga.
  • Near Kumara Krupa  road , Gandhiji Research center & Gandhi Bhavana Library - houses many books about Gandhiji and his teachings
  • Cultural programes will be arranged in school & colleges.