Being a wise deaf – A short inspiring story to meet big dreams , goals & success heights

 It was a Monday morning when all frogs gathered for a meeting. It was a traditional practice which was being followed in their group, all frogs from different lakes had joined for this meeting. Discussions were held in the meeting. As usually discussed every time, even this time there was a topic on climbing the City Long Tower. Many frogs eagerly spoke – “This is the highest tower in this city , none of us have ever made it to the top. Years have passed by, Still we are not able to achieve this goal. Every time we discuss on this and forget. If we think on achieving anything special in our life, it  is to climb this tower. Once we climb to the top , we establish honour & respect to our group. To achieve this , we have to set a date and start climbing.”. The young and youth frogs supported this , based on which decision was taken to climb the tower next Sunday Morning. 

On Sunday morning all frogs surrounded the tower, the young frogs started climbing the tower.  Suddenly they heard voices from the ground of old & aged frogs “No , do not climb too long , climbing this tower is not possible , Till now not even one frog has climbed this. You will get hurt and may lose your life if you fall down while climbing”. Hearing to this some frogs stopped climbing and descended down. But still some frogs kept moving , the more they climb , more was the voice , fear cheering, raised by the frogs on ground to stop them – “You cannot make it , please come back , reaching the tower top is impossible. It’s dangerous”. Hearing to this, slowly some frogs started descending back to ground.

But , there was one small frog , which kept moving with enthusiasm without listening to these. The frogs on the ground seeing this small frog had thought, this small frog has decided to lose its life. But Surprise!! the small frog finally made it to the tower top. It enjoyed the city scenic beauty, the long beautiful view from the tower top ,  after satisfying its heart , started descending back to ground. Once back, other frogs shouted & cheered praises for this small frog for its achievement and honored it as “The first frog to climb the Tower”. The news press frogs surrounded the small frog for interview – “How was your experience when you climbed on top, what did you see there , how was the surroundings there , who inspired you to do this ? & so on” . The small frog just kept quiet with a gentle smile for these questions, because it could not hear & was deaf from birth.  When it used to climb the top, it used to see other frogs on ground shouting, which it thought they are encouraging & cheering for it to climb higher. It mistook their actual lack of excitement to cheering spirit & had kept moving on.” 

Sometimes even in our life we go out with big dreams to achieve something, there will be a group of people on our back who may induce fear and lack of enthusiastic excitement – they keep boasting , No one has done till now , it is not possible to do this etc . So we may decide to go back from our goal with the fear induced & brain storming. So if we were also a deaf like this small frog, had we not listened to these boasting , could we have reached our big goal ? question arises ….

If Sachin Tendulkar had listened to - no one can hit 100 centuries in cricket, If Carl Louis , Ussain Bolt had listened to -  no one can sprint 100 meters in 10 sec and had kept quiet , were we seeing such great achievements ? These extraordinary records set, would never had happened if those fear words were listened and kept quiet. For extraordinary achievements, a strong commitment, will & hard work is essential.  

Hope you enjoyed this short inspiring story. Have a nice day .