The New opportunity - a short motivating story

Julio , a 10 year boy in Spain, Just like other children had dreams to become a good football player. He decided he shall once play for his favorite club Real Madrid. Accordingly, he started activities and moved towards his goal. He used to practice very hard day and night and as a result of his work at the age of twenty , he got the opportunity to play for Real Madrid in 1963 as goal keeper. Many football experts on seeing the way Julio played , guessed he would be a legendary goal keeper in his future career and or Spain.

But who had known what a tragedy could happen in Julio’s life. Once Julio had been to a picnic with his friends. On the way back to home, his car met with an accident and was admitted to hospital. Doctors informed his waist had serious injuries and he cannot continue to play football and need to take long bed rest for a year. This had a great impact on Julio’s mind. He was very depressed , angry about himself and developed disgrace in his heart thinking about his dreams and  his current state. While taking rest at hospital, he used to write and  sing songs to console his heart. His sadness came as words in his songs. His eyes used to be full of tears while he did such compilations. Later during his treatment , doctors felt to relax his finger muscles and gave him a guitar. He used to play the guitar and sing his own songs.

After spending 18 months in hospital, he came out as a good poet and singer. After next 5 years , he was identified as a good singer country wide. He participated in a national singing event and sung the song “Life goes on the same”, which was infamous among the mass and became very popular. He also got the first prize in the event.

Julio never played football after his accident, but came out as a great singer and writer. The goal keeper Julio fame passed by and was now identified as great Singer , Julio Iglesias.  He later was identified as one of the best singers in the world. His 300 lakh album copies were sold!

The accident which had happened with Juilo may happen anytime with anyone of us also in our life . Any failure, accident may hinder us. We may think that is the end of our life and lose spirit. But in reality, it may not be true – If one door closes, there may be four more doors / opportunities waiting for us. At that time, we should not close our eyes, keep quiet, should give our try. Who knows , the new opportunity may give us more success , fame etc which our earlier opportunity may not have given.  Julio if was a football player may have just entertained football fans, but on working on his new opportunity, came up as a great singer in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Does that not console his heart?

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