How to run towards a problem - a short story

Have you heard of a saint and dog story anytime? This story has inspired many minds. It has induced strength and also ways to overcome problems.

Once a saint came to Himalayas. He wanted to visit all the temples there and collect information. Not only he visited temples, he used to collect history about the temples. He also had appointed a personal assistant and guider for this activity. Once the saint and his assistant went to a big temple. When the saint approached towards the temple big gates, he observed huge dogs tied to each gate. The dogs were looking like beasts and seem to look like having the strength of tiger. A very strong chain was used to tie them to the gates. The saint looking at the dogs took his steps back. His assistant informed him not to worry as the dogs are tied to the gates.

But the dogs kept barking continuously on seeing them. It started pulling out the chain desperately to get released from the chain. Their red eyes even turned red now. Anyone who would see these dogs would have definitely felt afraid. The assistant replied, “Sir, these are hunting dogs. If these find anyone, these they will encroach and rip them apart. But you don’t worry – they are tied to the gates with strong chains, they will not be able to come out”

The saint and his assistant entered into the temple and started their way towards the temple shrine. They suddenly heard some people voice saying “Oh, Oh my god . be careful , run , run !! “. The saint turned back hearing this and saw the dogs had somehow broke the chains and were running towards them at a rapid pace!! The dogs were sprinting like cheetahs while they headed towards the saint and seemed to encroach in no time.

At this moment, the saint started running. He started running putting his full efforts and strength. He did not run away from the dogs , but instead towards the dogs!! Guess what happened at this moment?

The dogs went by a surprise looking at the saint running towards them and run into confusion. Then went back to the gates where they were tied earlier. The watchman later tied the dogs with chains back to the gates.

The assistant who was seeing all this was astonished and asked the saint why he did like that. The saint replied – “In our life all our problems are like these dogs, if we run from them they will not leave us and be always behind creating issues, but once we face them and start running over them, they go out”

Most of us in our life spend most of our time fearing to something. When problems come, we may fear when we may lose out. Hence we always try to run away from problems. If we realize the above story, we understand the solution is not from running away from problems but instead facing them with full strength!

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