Bull Temple , Basavanagudi , Bangalore , KadalekAyi PariShe

This is one of the famous ancient temples in Bangalore near Basavanagudi (In kannada Basavana gudi means Basavana + Gudi - the temple of Bull).As per history , the bull idol here , some 500 years ago is believed to be existed as a real bull. It used to eat the Groundnuts which was cultivated here. Once a farmer tries to chase the bull away from his farm, but the bull escapes. Later when the farmer reached in the evening , to a surprise he saw this idol instead of the bull. People thought earlier this Bull idol was not present and suddenly happen to be after this incident.

Bull Temple , Basavanagudi

Magadi Sri Kempegowda also came to know about this incident and developed this temple during the year 1537. Even now farmers cultivating ground nuts come here during Karthika month last Monday and Tuesday and conduct Groundnut mela popularly known as "KadalekAyi PariShe" and get the blessings of this Bull.

Bull Temple , Gopuram
In Hindu mythology , Bull is also known as Lord Nandhi and serves as vehicle to Lord Shiva. In all Lord shiva temples , Bull idols will be established. Many people pour in here to visit this magnificient idol. This is at a heigher altitude in the city. This idol is of height 8 feet and is scripted from a single rock piece.

The carvings on this Bull idol , signifies the way our predecesors Rajas and Kings used to dress up (alankara) the Bulls with ornaments etc during their Pattabhisheka (event before taking King powers). At present the government of Karnataka is maintaining this temple.

A cutout showing KadaleKAyi PariShe (Groundnut Mela) - Bull Temple Entrance
Our team happen to visit this temple just before a day before the Groundnut Mela and captured few snaps for you. This temple is open between 07 AM to 07 PM. The famous Dodda Ganesha temple is besides this temple.  Here are few colourful moments in the PariShe.

Farmers with their ground nuts at the Mela & Food items

Shopping Items at the Mela PariShe

Shopping Items at the Mela PariShe

Shopping Items at the Mela PariShe

Shopping Items at the Mela Parishe
Hope you enjoyed the snaps . This is a must visit Mela in Bangalore. Share your visit experiences.