Sri Dodda Ganesha / Ganapathi Temple , Basavanagudi , Bangalore

As per Hindu religion , before starting any good work , there is a practice followed to worship Lord Ganesha first and then start then start the work.

Sri Dodda Ganesha Temple Gopuram

This temple is in Basavanagudi, Bull temple road and is famous throughout the state. As per history , this temple was built by Magadi Sri Kempegowda during 1536. This temple is famous by its name "Dodda Ganapathi" . The idol is carved on a single piece of rock ranging 15 feet height which is unique to itself and pleasure to our one's eye.

Many people visit here for new vehicle poojas. Many devotees come here for blessings especially when the idol is covered with silver coverings / butter alankara. Modaka/Kadbubu which is Ganapathi's favourite food is distributed to the devotees as prasada. Especially during Ganesha festival in Bhadrapada month and Kadalekayi Parishe during Karthika month , flow of devotees is more.

Sri Dodda Ganesha Temple  premises

The infamous Bull Temple is next to this temple. You can visit this temple in the morning between 07 AM to 12 PM or at evening between 04 PM to 08 PM.

Parking facilities are available near the temple. The famous Halli Thindi (village type restaurant) is opposite to this temple.