Live the moment - Do not lament the brevity of life !!

May Fly
We read one interesting article on organisms with shortest life span on this link - http://akorra.com/2010/03/04/top-10-shortest-living-organisms/

This kept us wondering how lucky we human beings are and at the same time felt sorry for some who are not realizing the importance of their existence and spending their time in vain.  If you read the above article , you will notice that a insect MayFly just survives for maximum 24 hours . Shocked !! - yes its maximum 24 hours or even lesser than that from its birth and its sole purpose is to hatch and reproduce. While Housefly and bees exist for maximum 3 weeks - spending most of their time for the good of the hive.

Some of us we human beings keep lamenting about our problems on short time , worried about our future plans etc without a common understanding that we are not going to stay permanently on earth with the same scope forever. Realization of our existence and need for it helps one to know what one should plan and become in this short span when living on earth and the make the best of "living at the moment". Some of human beings , spend all the time working day and night - earning money , storing in banks for future , without enjoying fully the best of current moments of their life and at a later time lament on the past that they could not achieve what they wanted to do. Also , the whole future is based on Hope on which this world is running , so the best guarantee of life is to live the moment to the fullest wherever you are. Our beloved Sir M. Vishveshwaraya hence said "Plan the work . Work the Plan" .

So what would you do if you were a MayFly with 24 hours life span ? Think on it and share your comments.