A short story on how to control Anger and frustration

She was a young tortoise. Just like human kids going to school for studies , these tortoises also had a school near a sea bank. Her parents used to send her to the school. But she always felt the school boring as the teachers there always taught the same topic on how to catch fishes , how to swim for long time without getting tired, how to get away from Sharks etc . She used to get frustrated hearing to the same topics and in anger sometimes used to open her mouth wide open and bite nearby other kid tortoises. Due to this other tortoises started avoiding her which still increased her frustration and she continued to cultivate the anger. This went on and the teachers made her to sit in a lone place which further increased her anger and started feeling lonely. Once after school , she was very angry by the way she was getting treated at school and swam her way back to home.. Suddenly she realized she was going in the opposite direction of her home as her mind was overwhelmed by anger. Just before she was turning back to her route , she noticed a big structure was approaching towards her. When it came near , she realized it was a big old tortoise which may be older than 100 years. She remembered her mother's saying that these old tortoises have enough experience and memories and provide good guidance.
Control Anger , Frustration - Be Happy

By the time she thought of speaking , the old tortoise patted on her back and said - "Child , why are you looking depressed ? ". She suddenly burst into tears and explain about her experiences at school and how she was treated which caused her boredom and anger.  The old tortoise then thought for a minute and advised her - " Yes child, even when I was young I also faced the same problem which you are facing now. There is a solution to this. You should do 3 activities when you start getting angry or frustrated. One - the moment when you feel you are getting angry , hide your neck inside your shell and close your eyes. Two - Take a deep breath 3 times and relax yourself and Finally Three - Think what you can do or tell which will not hurt others. Practice this and within some period your problem will be solved.". She understood the tips given by the old tortoise, thanked him and started following the steps. Whenever she felt angry , used to hide her neck , relax for a minute with deep breath and come out with a refreshing smile. Other tortoises looking at her also shared a gentle smile. As time passed by , she became popular and lived happily.

The above story applies to we humans also - Whenever we feel depressed / Angry / frustrated - if we can control it for a moment , take a deep breath and relax our minds , we can avoid the bad consequences of anger and our reactions will not hurt others. This also improves our relationship and rapport with others. Turning Anger to a Gentle Smile inside your mind is a effective tool to control anger and live happily.

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