Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple , Maddur - one day trip from Bangalore

Our team visited one of the famous Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple in Maddur District , Karnataka. This temple is at around 5-6 kms from the Bangalore - Maddur highway.

The travel to this temple is refreshing and welcomes with green paddy fields , shimsha river banks and the villages. Lord Shiva is worshiped here. Vaidya in kannada means Doctor. It is believed , anyone who worships  with full bhakti and alms here - is definite to get cured from all diseases and stay healthy. People from all over the state visit here and take the blessings of the lord. 

Temple is open from morning 7 AM to 12 PM and later in the evening between 04 PM to 08 PM. There are frequent 3 wheeler autos from the temple to Maddur bus station and vice-versa. There are only few shops nearby and not much restaurants. 

If you are planning for a relaxing one day long drive trip from Bangalore with your friends and family then this destination does not disappoint you. Many other popular destination Sri Ugra Narasimha temple , Sri Hole Anjaneya temple , Sri AthmaLingeshwara temple , KokkareBennur are nearby.

Green paddy fields near Vaidyanatheshwara temple

Bridge near Vaidyanatheshwara temple river banks

Shimsha river view

Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple Gopuram

Shimsha river banks opposite to temple

Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple front view

Truck carrying sugarcane