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Hole Anjaneya swamy temple, Maddur - an awesome spot one day trip from Bangalore

Our team was very lucky to visit this spot in Maddur. Here we bring out this awesome spot in Maddur.

Sri Hole Anjaneya Swamy temple , Maddur

This temple in Maddur of Mandya district on the banks of Simsha river and is one of the famous spiritual centres in Maddur. It is around 3-4 kilometers from Maddur Bus station. It is famously known as "Hole Anjaneya Swamy" temple. It is beleived the lord Hanuman Idol here was established by SriPadaRaja and Vyasaraja gurus and hence finds its importance.

It is believed that this temple was constructed 550 years ago during the period of Vijayanagar kings. The idol is very unique of its kind where lord Hanuman extends his two fingers signifying Dvaita preaching of Madhwacharya , one hand has Sougandikha flower representing Bhima , a bell in the tail and a hair knot.

Hole Anjaneya Swamy river banks
People nearby say that this idol height has increased by 1/2 inch in recent years . Also people say - a miracle happened during the fest of Ramanavami in 2004 - where even after the temple doors were closed , sounds of bells , shanka , drums and jagate were heard . Later during the year 2011 , during Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahana) similar miracle was experienced.
Temple Ratha

This temple is surrounded with lush green paddy fields , trees and river which makes it a great spot to visit. Also once notices cranes in the paddy fields - as this is very near to the crane breeding spot KokkareBennur.

Temple is open from morning 07 AM to 12 PM and from 04 PM to 07 PM in the evening. If you are planning for a long oneday weekend trip with your family and friends this is one of the spots we recommend.

Green paddy fields - Cranes  , Maddur

Awesome Tree roadside paddy fields , Maddur

Farming Lands , Maddur