P Kalinga Rao Bhavageethe mp3 sample songs

P Kalinga Rao was one of the famous eminent music personalities of Kannada Industry . He was both a singer and music composer for many Kannada films. He was also know as "Monarch of light music in Kannada". He was the one who popularized the Kannada Bhavageethe during its early years.

In our blog , we bring you few samples of some of his Bhavageethe. This is only to promote his music to the Kannada community world wide. If you like these songs , please buy his other finest old collections at Kannada stores and promote Kannada music .  Click on the links to preview / download the sample songs.

Ilidhu Baa Thaaye
Kolu Kollana
Helkolak Ondhuru
AcharaVilladha Nalige
Udayavagalli Namma