Jawaharlal Nehru Self Inspection - a short story for leaders

During 1936-37 , pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had become the president of Indian Congress. He was appointed for the 2nd time for this post. He was popular among the people and was showing signs of reaching the peaks of political success. During this period , an article was published in one of Calcutta's popular post "The Modern Review" which had critics against Nehru. Many questions were raised about Nehru in that article. Few aspects mentioned about  Nehru's character for example - "Nehru shows impatience about disabled and incompetent people , If his reign continues in the same way then the time he rules like Julius Ceaser is very near , The congress being aware of this should take proper action , If he is appointed as president for the third time then no one can stop his ego" etc which were hurting his followers. This article created a wave of debate all over India and inside Congress committee. Many writers wrote articles against this critics while some welcomed the thoughts. Nehru's followers were very curious to meet the author who wrote this article. They only came to know his name was Chanakya , but was not able to trace him.

Once this controversy cooled down , the congress men later came to know that Chanakya was none other than Mr.Nehru himself!!  When his followers asked him why he wrote about himself in a criticized way , Nehru's reply was very good. He said "I wanted to know how the intellectual people outside have realized and rate me. I am not sure whether I have fully succeeded in this attempt , but have observed feed backs some against me and some for me. By this I realized what people expect from me and what they don't want to see from me."

When the leader is in power , followers usually praise the leader even when he makes mistakes. At such times a leader should self inspect , criticize them-self and observe the reviews. When controversies occur should face them without fear. This is an extraordinary exercise conducted by an extraordinary leader. At these days , if leaders with such attitude come forward then its a good sign for the prosper.

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