Bangalore Anti Rape tips to avoid and prevent rape

With increasing cases of rape victims, security and vigilance has been a major concern among Bangalore citizens. Be it the recent child rape case , it is very essential for every individual to understand and train others on how to prevent this abuse . While the government / legislation / police is blamed at times , citizens too may get blamed for not having the basic awareness.

In this post we bring in few tips referenced from various links - to create an awareness on how to avoid and prevent rape - this is a must read for every individual .  If you find this useful , please share the article with the needed. Share your thoughts , advises and comments - join hands to reduce this crime.

Bangalore Anti Rape tips to avoid and prevent rapeIMPORTANT TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID AND PREVENT RAPE

Your first reaction if possible is to get away from that danger as quick as possible and run
away screaming for help. However we caution on the following areas.

Even if it’s daytime, late hours or at night, avoid risk areas such as dark places, dimly lit areas, lonely places, bushy areas, short-cuts, being alone in a room with a man other than your husband, fiancée or brother.

Walk with eyes and ears open, because some rapists may surprise you although some are cunning. They can grab you, knock you down, tear your clothes or even use drugs.

Bangalore Anti Rape tips to avoid and prevent rape3. COMPANY:
It’s good practice especially when it’s late to walk in company of known friends,workmates or schoolmates, incase rapists strike they can easily raise alarm and get help
when you are many.

Never trust men hundred percent unless he is your husband or fiancée. Rapists don’t have outward signs, they could be strangers or people you know very well. Take care during
dates or parties and make sure that the venue is a public place, have an interest to know how drinks or food are served. You should be aware of the motive behind that party or date and if it is really necessary.

Bangalore Anti Rape tips to avoid and prevent rapeWhen you are at home, school, place of work or anywhere else, make sure you wear clothes which don’t embarrass you, or which attract too much negative attention from
men/boys. We are not against how you should dress, but the question is how safe or respectful are you in public places, institutions, place of work or even at home.

Avoid that habit of sending your daughters late at night to the shops, river, poshomill, beg for items in other peoples’ homes’ or anywhere else. Don’t leave your daughters no matter how young with male strangers or distant relatives
you are not sure of. Avoid buying your daughters always sweet things like sweets, cakes, jaggery and biscuits
etc. They will get used to it so much that if they fail to get in future, they can easily be tempted to accept them from strangers who can use this to lure and rape them.Avoid too much leisure life for your daughters, it must be occasional, should they be used to it and fail to get it in future, they can be tempted to accept money or services from any man or boy and it could be a trap to rape them one day.

Avoid situations and lifestyles that could lead you to be raped. Not all men are bad, there are only few misbehaving most of them are very respectful, caring and good fathers, husbands brothers, uncles, grandfathers, neighbours and friends.

So don’t condemn them in general
1. Don’t accept to show a stranger away if he claims to be lost, instead tell him to seek help from fellow men and if he insists ran away from him and scream for help.
2. Don’t accept lifts from people you don’t know, these could be cars, bikes or motor bikes.
3. Be aware of people who come to your school, church or any where else claiming to have been sent by your parents and yet it is all false.
4. Don’t accept money, sweet things and snack foods from people you don’t know or even shamba boys, watchmen or even male neighbours.
5. Take care when you are from or to school, shop, rivers etc, don’t respond to calls by people you don’t know.
6. Don’t make a habit of being close to male neighbours and even going to the extent of playing with them every time.
7. When you are to or from somewhere on foot and notice a man blocking your way avoid him, if he still blocks you go back while screaming for help.
8. When you are from school or anywhere else, go home quickly and avoid playing too much on the way.
9. It is good to walk in groups so that if someone surprises you, you can raise an alarm and easily get help.
10. Avoid unnecessary shaking hands with men or boys you don’t know anyhowly, they can refuse with your hand and pull you to a place they can rape or defile you.
11. Avoid being out or going out to the shops, poshomill, or river late hours.
12. Avoid being carried anyhowly shoulder high by boys or men even if you know them, they can easily rape/defile you.
13. A good child does not loiter on the way home, you should make sure that you are at home before it is late.
14. Don’t bath naked where people can easily see you even if it is at home or in the river, while at home use the bathroom and make sure it is locked.
15. Avoid playing too much with boys in your school to the extent whereby you allow them to touch most of your body.
16. a boy or a man should not touch your body or private parts intentionally, this could lead to defilement should you allow it to go on for along time or for days.
17. When you want to change clothes at home, especially after bathing ensure that nobody sees your nakedness.
18. Incase a male neighbour sends you to the shop make sure that when you bring the items don’t take for him inside the house, call him and if he doesn’t come leave the
items at the door and go home.
19. If a male visitor comes home and you are alone don’t make a mistake of opening the door, even if he is a family friend, tell him the door is locked and your parents
have gone with the key.
20. If a man or a boy comes home and request for water, make sure you close the door behind you and give him water even through the window.
21. There is a danger of HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and eminent death therefore you should avoid situations that could lead to rape/defilement.
22. When a man or boy starts seductive signals, praises and giving you gifts anyhowly be careful avoid and say no to all these.

Important contacts to note at crisis :

  • Children's Helpline/Makkala Sahaya Vani - 1098 
  • Women's Helpline/Vanitha Sahaya Vani - 1091 
  • Vanitha Sahaya Vani landline - +91 80 2287 2364
  • Sthree Jagruthi Samithi - +91 80 22734956
  • South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring - Ph: 25473922/25492856
  • Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka  - Ph: 23389964 / 23111059 / 23385874.
  • Vimochana - Ph. 2549 2781/2549 2783
  • Mahila Dahkshata Samiti, - Ph: 23512543
  • Ashraya Women's Centre , Ph: 25251929

ANTI-GRAB AND COUNTER TECHNOLOGY – Attacks and Counter Measures

A. Handshake Grip
1. Scream for help, if not possible use your teeth to bite his hand.
2. If he still doesn’t release the grip, get hold of his gripping hand with your free hand and go under his armpit twisting his arm outside inwards this will injure or even break his arm.
3. If that site has mud or sand, bend down scoop some and splash in his eyes to distort his visibility.
4. If you can reach his face, harden your two fingers or one and poke very hard in his eyes to distort visibility.
5. It is good practice to wear hard soled shoes, you can use them to hit very hard on his kneecap or shin and this will automatically immobilize him.
6. For school girls, your fountain pen or geometrical set, divider/compass or biro is very useful.. At this moment with your other hand remove the top lid and hold it with the sharp end facing him or pierce through his face if you miss the eye.
7. With your leg you can also hit very hard in between his legs and you will have demolished his organ temporarily
B. Handgrip to Pull the Victim.
8. Using your other hand, pass it over the gripped hand and get hold of the fingers of your gripped hand tightly and tilt it backwards upwards to release the grip.
C. 2 Handgrip to Pull the Victim
9. With your other hand get hold of your gripped hand by the fingers and with force tilt it upwards and away from the rapists and if he still struggles with you do as in number 1.
D. Strangulation either Front or Hind with both his Hands.
10. Tighten your neck muscles so that you may not run out of oxygen and with your hands get hold of his last small fingers and forcefully thrust pulling them outside and away from your neck. Since you will be very close to him use your knee andhit very hard in between his legs to disable him. Alternatively you can hit his knee, or shin with your hard soled shoes.
E. Strangulation with one hand.
11. With your two hands get hold of his strangulating hand close to your back and jerk under his hand and outwards twist to release the grip and then counter as in
technique (10).
F. Back Hand (arm) Twisting.
12. Tighten your twisted hand and go inside and under his holding hand to release the grip and counter from behind by hitting in between his legs while your position is low level.
G. Back Hand (arm) Twisting Two Hands.
13. Using your feet heels hit / step very hard on his shin, kneecap or in between his legs backwards to release yourself.
H. Body Grab from Behind.
14. Use elbow to hit his body sides very hard and also lean forward a bit and hit between his legs in a reverse position, or you can hit his solar plexus.
15. If you notice him coming in haste avoid his grabbing hands by quickly leaning down wards depending on the level of his attack.
I. Body Grab from Front (face to face)
16. You can poke his eyes.
17. Grab his Adam’s apple very hard and squeeze until he suffocates or faints.
18. You can also put one hand under his chin (i.e. the inside part) and hold the other hand at the back of his head and twist it very hard sideways. This will put him off balance and he will fall down and faint instantly.
19. Use also your kneecap to hit very hard in between his legs, if he is very tall and you cannot reach that part use your hand to hit hard. You can also hit his shin or
kneecap to immobilize him.
J. Pulling you while holding your Hands in Front
20. Create some space in between your hands after making them tight, cross them go under and out to release the hold. If it proves difficult use your feet to hit on the
shin, kneecap or between the legs as in No. 19.
K. Hair Pulling.
21. Get hold of his hand that is pulling your hair move back very fast hitting his body with your elbow. You can also step hard on his shin, kneecap or feet.
L. Elbow Lock around the Neck
22. Hold one hand on his wrist and the other hold his elbow curve, turn your head in a good position to remove the lock and then thrust out upwards while stepping on his
M. Mouth Gagging and Hind Neck Holding
23. Get hold of the last finger of the hand gagging your mouth and pull it sideways away from your mouth and using the other hand hit him with the elbow.
N. Front Overhead Knife Attack or Rungu Attack
24. Step forward sideways in the opposite direction of the knife attack and with both your hands hit very hard the handholding the knife and with your foot hit his
kneecap, shin or in between the legs very hard.
O. Big Earrings or Stads grabbing
25. During late hours it is wise to remove them because once they are grabbed any struggle can result in your ears tearing.Note that the coming series of Anti-grab and counter technology we shall provide measures to tackle gang rapes, against fire arms and against drug use.

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