Big Boss, why watch it top reasons

Some may just see it as a entertainment program , some for fun , some for time pass , while some may see it as learning experience. Yes, this is one real wonderful concept reality show which makes the participant realize what they really are , what they are worth. Hence has become one of the popular audience television programmes.

Leaving Alone separated from family members is not easy , but at the same time a participant becomes more self dependent. Leaving with strange people for many months without access to daily usage equipment like TV, mobile etc is a real challenge. 

While performing game tasks , one learns the team work skills , understand the mentality of fellow participants. Tricks , Tactics , bad emotions all gets reduced day by day as the mind slowly moves towards patience.

During Nominations to leave the house, one actually realizes whether they have managed to win the trust of their fellow beings , the 

ones inside the house. This concept teaches a valuable lesson , if you want to win a game - first learn to be good with fellow beings. If you do good , you get better returns and stay longer without getting nominated. Open nomination discussions - one gets the experience of withstanding pressure moments , mixed emotions and how to convince others with clear reasons why they are nominated.

When one gets nominated , we see sometimes they become more active even when they were not before getting nominated - to get votes from people outside to save them. So the fear of nomination & elimination - has made one to open up. This concept teaches a valuable lesson - nothing is permanent in this world , enjoy your present moments at the fullest , if you delay to show what you really are - you may be out of the game without really showing the world what you are !! Be real - don't hide. 

Elimination , one realizes how popular they are in the outside world - have they really managed to win the hearts of people outside. Are they really good among people outside who love to see them in the house for more time. Just participation doesn't work , a good network of friends and contacts is necessary to keep one voted in the game. It shows the trust of how many people they have earned in their lives.

So, what do you watch Big Boss for ? Share your comments and thoughts.