Your Passion - why fear ? Go for it.

One of our friend was very interested in learning & had a passion for car driving , but he always had a fear whether he could make it , whether he may meet in some accident , whether will he be able to drive at nights etc. With sheer interest he joined a driving school , attended the classes everyday 30 minutes , learnt about the basics of a Maruti 800 car , later got the driving licence with some influence of the tutor. The next week he decided to purchase a car. He purchased a second hand car , the first day after visiting the temple performing pooja for the car , he tried to drive the car, he was not able to control the car - it was the first time he was attempting to drive without his tutor. No surprise , he hit with an accident immediately and ran into a electric poll pressing the accelerator. The car bumper was seriously damaged and  he was shivering with fear. He managed to get a person passing by to drive his car back home.

Just imagine what may be running on his mind when his fears came into reality and the first day he attempted to drive , met him with accident. For next few days , he did not open his car and was under depression that he was not able to ride properly. We suggested him to again get the tutor teach him on his new car for few days until he felt comfortable. He made this attempt and started learning in his new car with the tutor for 1 week. Later with due care and confidence he practiced day and night for hours driving first on empty roads , next on lightly occupied roads , further on less traffic roads , finally on heavy traffic roads. Today he is a very good driver. Now whenever we discuss about his accident , he laughs at it saying what a silly mistake it was and how he could have avoided and cared his car. 

The above incident would have happened in many of our lives as well. Some of us , may have stopped our passion to drive after fearing the accident incident. When we realize after going through the solution of the problem, we feel it was a very simple problem which we could have solved earlier without fear. This teaches a very valuable lesson -

When we have solution for every problem , why to fear ? Anyway the problem is going to hit us , so why resist it ? Only it asks us to study the solution , follow it , practice with due care , awareness and concentration . At the end , we feel happy that we have solved it. When we fear , we loose our mental stability on understanding the cause of the problem and its solution. So the next time you hit with a problem , do not fear about its consequences , instead think backwards what is the root cause for it and how to solve  it , because good things only happen when you face and go for it.

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