Inspiring story behind a revolution - Sri K Siddaramiah

This is one of the short interesting story which happened in Mysore , around 50 years ago near Siddarama Village. Out of India's many villages of those time, Siddarama village was one of the villages with poor development. Most of the houses were small huts with only one or two big houses at rare areas. There staple food was Raagi balls(millet balls). White Rice was just a mirage to them  and only during special occasions and functions they used to have some rice. Rice was used frequently by few rich people .  In this village there was a family of a person called Siddaramegowda . Although they seem to be little improved , they were just above the low middle class. He has 5 children. One day one of his young sons who had went to college while returning back saw a lady standing in front of their home with a small child. She looked to be little excited and feared.  He approached towards her and asked - "Amma, what happened, why are you standing here , do you need anything." She replied with a teary look in her eyes - "Brother , can you please lend me some rice if it is prepared in your house today." He said -"Sure, I will have a check . Why is there any special event today ?" .

She busted with tears - "My child is suffering from fever past few days , so we need to feed some rice or ganji (rice porridge) to it. How can we poor people have rice in our home. As in your home you may be preparing rice occasionally , thought if it may be prepared today also . If yes, request to share some for my child."

He then went inside the kitchen, took some rice from his mother and gave it to the lady. She was very happy , thanked the boy and returned back to home. The boy thought about this incident very deeply which touched his heart and mind. He kept thinking on this for a long time - What a pity is it ? Forget about richness , When a child is not well , are family members not having a capacity to even feed little rice ? Is our country having such families of poverty who have to suffer for even a peaceful two meals a day? These questions always affected the boy's mind. Later after his degree , studying law , he entered into politics , had a tremendous growth there and one day became the chief minister of our state and popularly known as Sri.K.Siddaramiah.
This incident which took place during this young days had seeded in such a thought in his mind that it way one of the revolutionary cause for the Anna Bhagya Yogana ( Free rice programme) . In this program every poor person below poverty line may get 1 Kilo of rice for 1 rupee to fulfill their daily meals. Many people who have their riches filled , may think this may not be a good program and many may misuse it. But it is very evident and true that this has helped may poor people to peacefully have 2 meals a day. 

This short story shows how a small incident rooted in one's heart during youth may result in a revolution change at a later stage. Hence during this period , the mind should be kept open. One should be able to analyse and digest the cause of such incidents. When this happens and one starts thinking socially , a leader is born.

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