Toor Dal Sambhar - Make it yourself - The bengaluru style

Toor Dal sambhar is one of the common sambhar prepared in Bengaluru. It is used along with rice as a staple food , with Idli , Dosas etc as a side dish. 

This post has the basic quick method followed for preparing it. Hope it helps to some of the beginners !

Ingredients : 

Ingredients for Toor Dhal Sambhar

Toor Dhal Sambhar

Get the ingredients ready. 

1) Boil adequate water (1 to 1.5 litre ) in a pot / tumbler vessel.
2) Add the toor dal to water and continue to boil it
3) Add the turmeric and sunflower oil and continue to boil it
4) Once toor dal boils well , add salt and tamarind juice and continue to boil it.
5) Now add Sambar powder , Jaggery powder , Coriander leaves and continue to boil it. Stir the mixture well. Make sure the mixture is gravy.
6) Now prepare a chaunk/Oggarane of Mustard seeds , Asafoetada  , Curry leaves.
7) Mix the chaunk with the sambar and boil for few minutes
8) Add the coconut grate mixture , stir well and serve.

Share your attempt experiences !!