The permanent truth - Jesus christ short story

Al-Gazali was one of the popular Sufi saints during the 12th century. In one of his scriptures he has mentions "For a person who is affected with some disease , even a sweet food given tastes bitter. Its not the problem of the food , instead the person itself. In the same sense what we say good and bad is all within the mind". This is one short story from one of his books.

Mary's son Jesus one day was travelling along the road , he noticed few people were looking little worried and were reading some book. When Jesus approached them and the asked the reason for their worry , they said - "We have been reading some books and have understood many things. More we read , more is our worry on the deeds we have committed. We are worried about our life after death at hell and the kind of punishments we may have to undergo." 

Jesus listened to it and then moved further. He noticed another set of people who also looked amuzed and worried. They were listening to the preaching of their teacher. When Jesus asked them about their worriness , they replied - "Our teacher is very knowledgeable . His teachings are very interesting. We has said those thoughts & principles may take us to heaven. We are worried when we may get that heaven after death , whether we may go to heaven or not". Jesus listened to this and moved further with a gentle smile.

Now he noticed the third set of people in a group who were travelling on the road who looked like poor people. But the way they were singing , dancing and travelling along seemed like they were very happy. Jesus approached them and asked -"Who are you people. You look very happy , may I also be part of your joy?" . The people replied - "We are the truth finders. We are astonished to see God's presence everywhere. We are happy with his blessings". Jesus asked - "Don't to have any fears of whether you may reach the heavens or the hell?". They replied - "Who wants Heaven or Hell ? They both are here itself. Seeing good things in this world is Heaven. Searching and finding bad things is Hell. We always find and select the world's beauty, love and enjoy" 

Jesus then said - "Only these people stand in front of the god after their death. Others just pass on their life with fear and fulfilling desires". Even our Basavanna also has mentioned - "There is no separate Hell or Heaven. We from our character create Hell or Heaven in our life." - both these personalities lived in different parts of the world , but have shared the same thoughts , which is a permanent truth , a permanent value.

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