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Infosys Sudha Murthy "Guttonda Heluve" Book Review

Smt. Sudha Murthy , chairperson of Infosys - Bangalore's software tech giant is also a social worker and a author. She has written may books of which we recently reviewed "Guttonda Heluve"  - the kannada version which means "Tell you a secret" - a collection of very nice stories from her life experience. We felt - these stories not only help one shape their life in a good way but also help one to lead a happy life. Some stories are truly inspirational. In this post , we have mentioned a glimpse of the essence of the stories may inspire one to purchase this worthy book. You may buy the 200 page book from online stores www.sapnaonline.com as well and costs less than hundred rupees. 

Guttonda Heluve
Smt.Sudha Murthy
  • There is no age bar for learning . We should always be like a child and keep learning till we die.
  • One should always remember freedom fighters because of whom we are in a free India today and pay respects.
  • We should always respect time and maintain time discipline to progress in our lives.
  • Always identify and respect good thoughts in others and develop them. 
  • Always perform your work with your fellow team with utmost enthusiasm.
  • Develop a noble quality to educate others 
  • Always take care of your employees well being.
  • A teacher should always take the blame of the student's ignorance
  • One should work in own country and serve fellowmen well being instead of serving in other country
  • We should always learn from our juniors wherever if its rightful.
  • If one's sacrifice may save lives of hundreds of people , they should look forward to bear the pain and sacrifice.
  • Always respect your elder's sayings. Those words come from their life's good and bad experiences.
  • Knowledge cannot be snatched from anyone. Hence always try to gain knowledge. Its an asset which increases with sharing.
  • Donate books to a library in villages and rural libraries. It spreads knowledge.
  • A students life is like a desert , exams are like burning sun , when learning - the difficulties are like the hot sand, practice is like thirst for water, during a student's life you will be the only one leading a desert life. The more you collect the stones during the path , more the knowledge you gain.
  • Many times a person who has more money may fear for its loss and may not choose to become a entrepreneur. But a person who does not have money has no worries and works hard and becomes an entrepreneur.
  • Our opinion on a person depends on the way we visualize the person.
  • In your life, the best friend you have is you , also the worst enemy you have is you.
  • Give prominence to identify the interest of your children and give them the right freedom to achieve it.
  • Time has no mercy. There is no one in life who has beat time.
  • One should not think more times when donating
  • Richness depends on the way we think - for example - A glass is half filled or A glass has half less. 
  • We should always be thankful to the society which has brought us up. One day when we grow big, we should return our thanks by donating to it back.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We should always trust our fellow colleagues , praise them and live happily instead of always criticizing them for mistakes. Its the most of the time we spend with them.
  • In one's life - only a wife will support husband and husband support wife in case of difficultly. Both should lead their life with love and affection and forget any misunderstandings.One should not disclose the secret of others said to them.
  • It is better to free our hearts by discussing freely with others our thoughts without keep in mind and struggling.
  • Simplicity is life.
  • There should be satisfaction in life at some stage. It may hamper the progress but it cools down life's tiredness.
  • Honesty is the best policy and one should educate children at a earlier age.
  • Those heart are big who cares for others without caring for themselves
  • During failure , when everyone is blaming you - if you have a gentle smile , when everyone is suspecting their abilities - if you believe in yourself , if you move with a raised head in front of your kings and servants - this world is yours. Those are the real humans. Rest all are merely dead.
Hope it helps to many of us.