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Cauvery Lokapavani Sangama , Srirangapatna Tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations.

In this post we cover the scenic spot of SriRangapatna over team covered , "Sangama".

"Sangama" in kannada means confluence. As its name , here the spot signifies the confluence of rivers Cauvery and Lokapavani . Morever its the Cauvery river which gets divided at the Ranganatha swamy temple flows from paschima vahini from the west and also to east towards Nimishambha temple and joins at this place merely forming SriRangapatna a River Island.  Karighatta hills are visible from this spot.

Our team reached this spot in the evening after visiting Nimishambha temple which is about a 10 minutes drive from here. This place is considered as auspicious similar to the paschima vahini among the Hindu community because of the presence of river cauvery. There is a small shiva linga idol placed at the river banks where devotees come and perform pooja here. A nice scenic spot to visit along with friends and family on a weekend. There is no entry fee , however we had to shell out about Rs.30 as parking fee.  There are many petty shops selling snacks , coffee to make your evening more pleasureful.

Panoramic View of Sangama river confluence , Srirangapatna