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Our team visited SriRangapatna in Mandya District , one of the infamous spots of Karnataka with historical importance. In this post we cover the spot , "Gumbaz"

Gumbaz Entrance

Gumbaz park
As per the history mentioned here "This tomb and Mosque was built by Tippu Sultan as a tribute to his illustrious father Hyder Ali (1722 - 1784 AD) , after his death. The Gumbaz is situated at the eastern extreme of Srirangapatna . It enshrines the cenotaphs of Hyder Ali , his wife Fakr-Un-Nisha and Tippu Sultan after his death in 1799 AD. It is built on a stone plinth, with polished black granite pillars that run along the corridor around the inner chamber. A magnificent dome crowns the building . The chamber is painted with the tiger stripes that were associated with Tippu.  The structure , laid out a midst  a garden , typical of Islamic architecture , also houses the Masjid-E-Aksa. At the eastern entrance of the Mausoleum is a tablet in Persian script that speaks of the martyrdom of Tippu Sultan in 1799 AD.  There are also numerous other cenotaphs of the relatives of Tippu's family."
Gumbaz Tomb

Gumbaz evening View
Our team visited here in the evening around 5 PM after visiting Cauvery Lokapavani Sangam which is about 10 minutes drive from here . Entrance is free , off course we had to shell out some parking fee of Rs.30 for our car. A beautiful arch welcomes us , on entering which we get a glimpse of the Gumbaz in front surrounded by a green park similar to the Daria Daulat bagh with flower plants and trees. Once we entered inside the Gumbaz , we were mesmerized with the Gigantic tomb built and the paintings done. Exactly under the tomb were cenotaphs of Tippu, his father and mother cover with the Holy religious cloth. The guide here explained us that the Gumbaz is surrounded with 36 pillars to signify the ruling period of Tippu and his father. Just Behind Gumbaz were cenotaphs of Tippu's other family members. There is a mosque adjacent to the Gumbaz which attracted many visitors for prayers. 
Gumbaz Mosque

Gumbaz is open to visitors between 08 AM to 6.30 PM . There are few shops and hotels opposite on the other road side where you may get snacks and stuffs to enjoy in the park with your family and friends. This is a must visit spot for monument lovers. Do visit this spot and share your experiences.