Gratitude - a short story

A very good person had passed away . An angel came and took him to heaven with all respects and was showing different parts of heaven. As they moved on , they first noticed a section where many angels were busy working . The person noticed this and with surpise asked the angel why they are so busy . The angel replied - this is the "Prayers Receive" Section . Their job is to document all the prayers and requests which people on Earth ask to God. As there are so many prayers and requests , they are very busy. They moved on to another section , where again many angels were fully busy without having time to speak to each other. The person asked again the same question for which the angel replied - This is the "Grant Section" for which God has granted the response for people's prayer requests. As god fulfills many requests , this section is also always busy.

As they further moved on , they noticed a small room in which only one angel was sitting without much work. To his suprise , the person asked - Why this angel is not busy as other angels. The angel replied , this is the "Thanks Giving section" - their job is to collect & document the thanks giving response people send after their request is fulfilled by God.  The person curiously asked how do people do this. The angel replied - "Its very simple. After God fulfills one's request, if the person with gratitude prays the God and submits his thanks, it reaches here".  Then the person asked for what reasons should one show gratitude to God.

The angel smiled and replied - "If in your house , if there is no problem for your food , you have shelter and have proper clothes on your skin , then you belong to the world's 25% lucky people. If you have some Bank balance and good education , then you are one among the world's 1% luckiest people. When you get up daily , if you are healthy , you still have the chance to serve your dear parents , if you are part of happy family , if you can raise your head in front of others with self confidence , you are one among the most luckiest person in the world. For all these reasons one may send back gratitude to god"

The person realized why the single angel at Thanksgiving section was not that busy , as the number of Gratitude response from people was very less and felt sad about the same. Showing Gratitude is the first character of a civilized person. Forgetting one's help and the one who helped is like forgetting the culture. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this short story. Share it across , if worth.