Jamia Masjid and Tippu's Death spot - Srirangapatna Tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited Srirangapatna, one of the famous historic places of Karnataka which saw many rulers. In this post we cover the spot - Jamia Masjid and Tippu's Death Spot.

Our team after visiting Sri Ranganathaswamy temple and Water gate , was heading back to the Mysore national highway where they noticed these two spots -

Tippu's Death Spot

The history of this spot as mentioned here - "In the fourth Mysore war the British laid siege to SriRangapatna on 4th May 1799 AD and effectively breached the Fort at WaterGate . On hearing this storming of enemy , Tippu moved in posthaste to the spot , and in the fight , fell to the bullet of a British soldier. It was here the body of Tippu Sultan was identified and recovered amidst heaps of the dead soldiers. In recognition of the valiant Tippu , Colonel Wellesley set a stone tablet to mark the spot."

We stood here for a minute in silence and payed our share of respect to this great warrior of Mysore.

Jamia Masjid

The history of this spot as mentioned here - "Built by Tippu Sultan near the Bangalore Gate in the eastern part of the fort in 1787 AD , this mosque was used regularly for worship by him . The mosque is of magnificent proportions with two majestic minarets adorned with exquisite floral cornices and parapets. The panoramic view of the area from the top is splendid , accessible by staircases in the two shafts.  A mehrab on the western wall of the main hall symbolizes the light - Allah. The stone tablets , fixed in the hall are inscribed with Koranic verses , including the one , which mentions the date of construction of this building. The building is an interesting example of the combination of Hindu and Islamic architecture."

Do visit these historic spots and share your experiences.