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Our team recently visited historic Srirangapatna , one of the famous places in karnataka which has seen many rulers since centuries. In this post , we cover the spot "Water gate"

Water Gate , Srirangapatna

Back view
Our team had reached Srirangapatna and after visiting Sri Ranganatha swamy temple and Tippu's Dungeon on their back to visit Tippu's Death place , they suddenly noticed on their left another old structure , immediately they stopped the car and approached towards it . It was the "Water gate" - the gate at which Tippu was shot dead by British soldier.  When we visited here , we just took a snap of the place without knowing the importance of this place , but when we glanced through the images of Tippu Sultan's life in his summer palace Daria Daulat , our eyes were filled with tears realizing the tragic end of this great Tiger and Sultan of Mysore.

Stone Board

During those days to prevent the British from entering into the kingdom , rulers used to create a water ditch / moats surrounding the kingdom and feed crocodiles inside them for safety.  Britishers were always afraid to enter such ditches because of the crocodiles. However for the royal family and the people to get fresh water from the river a gate was constructed where they get easy access to water. This was the purpose of this Water gate.  

The History says - To a sad fate , during the war when Tippu was attacked , the Britishers had managed to enter through this water gate and attack the army. Also Tippu who was injured was shot dead at this water gate by a British soldier.  We managed to get the below image shared on internet which was created by a British soldier. If you closely observe the image , you will see Tippu ( white dress)  raising his sword to attack against a British soldier , while the soldier's friend (extreme right) , trying to protect his friend , shot Tippu at this spot.  Later Tippu's body was found at another spot few meters from this spot where a monument is present now. The stone board at the water gate says "At the northern end of this Archway Fell Tippu Sultan May 4th 1799".

Hats off to this great Tiger , the sultan of Mysore who fought bravely against the British. Everyone should visit this place once and fill their hearts with pride of the men we had. Do visit this place and share your experience.