Paschima Vahini , Srirangapatna tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team visited - Srirangapatna , in Mandya District - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots . In this post we cover , the spot "Paschima Vahini"

"Paschima" in kannada means West. Hence Paschima vahini means that flows towards the west. River Cauvery flows in this region in the west direction and later 

Cauvery river flow view 2
Cauvery river flow view 1
joins Sangama which is near Nimishamba temple. This place is considered as sacred/auspicious for the Hindu community. Usually once a person departs , after performing the burning rituals people carry the ashes to this place and leave it here . The belief is the river is not not just a body of water but also a deity which has descended from heaven to earth. Hence by leaving the ashes , belief is person may ascend to heaven faster. Many of the new generation may not be knowing that after the death of our father of nation - Mahathma Gandhiji - his ashes were were immersed here on 12 Feb 1948. 
Maharajas Buildings

River banks
This place has few buildings about at-least more than 100 years old which were built during the period of Mysore Maharajas. As this place is not that well maintained , these buildings are seeing their downfall now. One may visit this place in the morning to get a glimpse of the spot , which is just behind the railway track on the way to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.