Sri Aparameya and Ambegalu Navaneetha krishna temple, Channapatna Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited - Channapatna, the land of wooden toys  - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots. In this post we cover , Sri Aprameya Swamy temple & Ambegalu (crawling) Navaneetha krishna idol.

This temple is in DoddaMallur , Channapatna and is believed to be more than 3000 years old , however as per the available records it is around 1500 years old. Interesting fact is that this temple & other houses in the village are standing on sand and no other solid foundation. Other specialties of this temple is there is no other temple in the world where lord vishnu is worshiped by the name Aprameya and the only temple where lord child Krishna is found in a crawling position with butter (navaneetha) in his hand.  It is also believed that Lord Rama had performed yagnas here. Hence this place was also known as "Dakshina Ayodhya".  Also this place had many pandits and scholars who were versed with all 4 vedas and hence known as "Chatur Veda MangalaPura".  Sri Puranadara Daasa had composed the infamous devotional song "Jagadhodharana Aaadisadalu Yashodhe" after seeing the Navaneetha krishna idol here. These facts kept us amazed and curious to visit and explore this place.

Our team left bangalore by 07 AM and reached the temple by 08.30 AM over the mysore national highway. This temple may be easily located and is just 200 mts from the mysore national highway NH7 , there is an arch welcoming the visitors. The temple gopuram is slightly visible from the main road. We need to shell out some Rs.10 for parking and entered the main entrance (gopuram). Very soon, we were greeted with very old stone doors and pillars adorned with Dashavatara and lord krishna's childhood scriptures which clearly gave us the indication on how old this temple was. In the center was the main sanctum where Lord Aparameya was present , surrounded by small sanctums of Lord Navaneetha Krishna , Hanuman , Ganesha , Ramanuja , Lakshmi were present. Overall it resembles a dravidian architecture style of construction. The priest informed us , this is existing from Krutha Yuga till now and it is believed that Sages Kapila and Kanva are staying here and worshiping lord Aparameya. Besides the temple is a mantap where the temple's chariot was parked. 

The temple is open between 08 AM to 12 PM in the morning and between 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM at evening. Overall a very nice place to visit with family and friends. Do visit this place and share your visit experiences.