Sri Nadi Narasimha temple, Channapattana Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited few places of historic importance and interest near Channapatttana , the land of wooden toys. Of them , in this post we cover Sri Nadi Narasimha temple which is about 2 kms from the Bangalore Mysore Highway NH7 near Channapattana around 60 kms from Bangalore.

"Nadi" in kannada means river.  As the temple name itself is prefixed with Nadi , we assumed this should be on some river banks.  From National Highway we took a diversion to a small village surrounded by lush green fields , sugarcane fields - where dry grasses were spread on the road . After passing some 1 km inside , we noticed a small board asking for a diversion towards the temple. This was a mud road with space for only 1 car to pass by surrounded by green fields on both ends. So its better to honk at times , else you may need to shift to reverse gears ! Luckily we were not met with any vehicles and reached the spot quickly. 

The temple seemed little old and looked like renovated with some plasters and paint. We submitted our prayers to the Idol Sri Narasimha and asked the priest about the importance of this place. The priest here was very kind and explained the history of this place in brief.  The poojas were performed by fathers and fore fathers of the priest and hence hereditary.  As per the history , this temple idol is very old about 1000 years ago which was established by Sage Kanva while performing penances. Its believed , one day Lord Narasimha appeared in sage Kanva dreams and directed to build a shrine on the banks of the river and hence the name. At present as there is no much rain in the region , the river is drained out completely and one may only notice scrubs. Later the temple was developed during the period of cholas and later by Wodeyars of Mysore who actually granted them around 16 acres of land for the development of this temple. However the priest said , there are not much development activities taken by the government and most of the facilities were provided by devotees itself.  There is also a belief that with a coconut in hand , walk around the temple chamber chanting the mantram 12 times and tie coconut in the temple premises and pray Lord Narasimha,  then one's wishes will be fulfilled very soon

Temple would be open in the morning between 8 AM to 12 PM . We are not sure on the evening timings as there is no street lights here and it may look pitch dark. We recommend tourists to visit here during early morning hours and there is only 1 road to reach here. Do visit this unique place and share your experiences.