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Our team recently visited the infamous pilgrimage destination Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara temple which is considered as Dakshina Kaashi. On the way back they visited Sri Parashurama temple Kshetra . In this post we share few interesting facts about this place and snaps our team captured. 

History of this place :

Parashurama Sage who is considered as another avatar of Lord Vishnu was believed to have performed penance activities at this  place where he felt very happy. Also it is believed it is he who established the Srikanteshwara idol at Nanjangudu next to the Adi keshava idol. Pleased by his penance , Lord Shiva granted him a boon that whoever does a pilgrimage visit Nanjangudu to visit the Shiva linga has to visit and view the Parashurama Idol also , only then the pilgrimage visit to Nanjangudu is complete.

This temple is about less than 1 km from the Srikanteshwara temple and is besides Kapila river surrounded by the national highway to chamrajnagar on one end and green fields on the other. Many visitors who visit Nanjangudu visit here after submitting their prayers at Srikanteshwara temple followed by the belief stated above. At the temple , we found on the sides people selling Jaggery and Rock Salt - it is believed by the people here that who ever submits prayer to Parashurama Idol and leaves the Jaggery with rock salt into Kapila river is sure of getting cured of any ailment problems. 

Temple timings : 08AM to 11 AM  , 05 PM to 06 PM

Sri Parashurama temple , nanjangud - Panoramic View
So friends if you happen to visit Nanjangudu , do visit this nice spot and share your experiences.