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Dungeon view from bottom
Our team visited SriRangapatna in Mandya district which is about 120 kms from Bangalore about a 2 and a half hour journey. It houses many of the historic spots of Tippu Sultan , of which in this post we cover "Colonel Bailey's Dungeon"

Dungeon view from Top
As per the history mentioned in this place "This dungeon lies north of Ranganatha Swamy temple and close to Lal Mahal Palace. The oblong bastion referred to as Sultan Bateri , conceals the vaulted dungeon measuring 30.5 mts x 12.2 mts built in brick and mortar. The prisoners were chained to the stone slabs fixed on East, North and West Walls. Named after colonel Bailey who died in 1782 AD , this dungeon was used to imprison British prisoners like Captain Baird and Rulay , Colonel Brithwhite sampson , Frazer and Lindsay by Tippu Sultan."

Inside dungeon Firangi
Train passing by Bridge
Compound walls
Our team reached here by noon after visiting Sri Ranganathaswamy temple which is just opposite to this spot about 100 to 200 mts away. This is preserved the Archaeological Society of India as a Historic monument. Entrance is free. Once we enter , we noticed on the left the dungeon underground . We took the steps down and reached the dungeon which had six open archs at the front and 3 horizonal chambers inside . We noticed the stone slabs which were mounted at equidistant lengths. It is here where the prisoners were chained. There was a Firangi right in the middle of the Dungeon and a small opening at the roof. We presume this Firangi was fired through this roof hole. Outside the dungeon were stone steps which indicated that it was not easy for the prisoners to escape around and have to pass by the difficult stone steps. Above the roof , were the compounds which had small holes , interestingly inside which were 3 bisections - left , middle and right. It is assumed earlier soldiers used to use long guns , stood behind the compound walls , used to watch the enemies through these small holes and fire the guns.

Stone Steps
Prison Hang stones
But standing on these wall compounds we noticed the Cauvery river flowing across the Srirangapatna Bridge . We were lucky to get a nice view of train passing by this bridge. There is also a small 15 feet road on the bridge to reach the other end of Srirangapatna.

A very nice spot to visit with your family and friends on a weekend. Do Visit this spot and share your experiences.

Panoramic view of Srirangapatna Bridge

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