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Bellandur Lake - largest lake of Bengaluru

Our team happen to take a stroll to the largest lake in Bangalore city at present , the Bellandur Lake which is at the southern east part of the city. Covering with a surface area upto 3 kms its indefinitely one of the largest lakes.

Bellandur Lake - largest lake of Bengaluru
Bellandur Lake - Nice view - Cranes on Lake
Once known for housing birds , different type of snakes , lizards and other unique species ,currently the lake is slowly getting contaminated and underutilized . One may only observe weeds all over the lake. If government plans to develop this lake  - it would definitely be a great spot for boating and water games activities. Government had once taken up the cleaning activity recently , but few small industries are still dumping the sewage which has disturbed the lake ecosystem. Below are few snaps taken for our readers to get a view of current status of this gigantic lake.

Bellandur Lake - largest lake of Bengaluru
Panoramic View of Bellandur Lake - Northern & Middle part of the Lake

Bellandur Lake - largest lake of Bengaluru
Panoramic View of Bellandur Lake - Southern & Middle part of the Lake

With many lakes getting diminished slowly & big buildings raising heads , the scenic beauty of our city too is getting  diminished . Time is not far when our children may have to travel far places to see a lake and enjoy its beauty - unless we civilians join hands in following up with government and getting the lakes cleaned - else one day it may just remain encroached !!

Bengalurians, those who are really interested in maintaining & preserving the beauty of our Bengaluru city and its nature should share this state of lake with your friends circles in Bangalore and raise with the concerned authority to get the lake cleaned and use for different useful purposes.