Sri Varadanjaneya Temple , JP Nagar RBI Layout - Bangalore

Sri Varadanjaneya temple
On our search for old temples in Bangalore , our team recently visited Sri Varadanjaneya Temple which is at RBI Layout , JP Nagar.

As per history this temple has the idol which is believed to be established and devoted by sage
Vyasaraja , Pratishtapitha Mukhya prana devaru. Sri Vyasaraja theertharu is a guru of the famous dasas - Sri Purandara dasa and Kanakadasa.He was also the Raja Guru at the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya. He had also installed 732 anjaneya idols which are self mainfested upon the drawing of Sri Vyasaraja theertharu. He is a well known saint of the Dwaita Philosophy and is said to be an avatara of Prahalad from Narasimha avatar.  Situated in the midst of JP Nagar 7th block RBI layout around 13kms from city center , this temple is surrounded by the residential layout and a park. The temple was renovated during 1982 when this layout was formed.

Sri Varadanjaneya Temple - Tulasi    
Our team visited on a early morning . From outset - temple seemed to be recently constructed . Entrance was straight forward and we could directly get a glimpse of the Idol. The Idol's outset clearly indicated it is existing since ages. Priest & Devotees believe it may be at-least 500 years old. Lord Hanuman is worshiped here under the name Varadanjaneya which means one who offers a boon and fulfills it. The idol has carving of Hanuman who is in standing position , with his face towards left and right hand over the head facing front with blessing / boon position which is unique. Temple attracts regular devotees who conduct Bhajans , prayers , programs here occasionally. It also houses a compound for Banayan tree and Tulasi plant which is worshiped by the community.

Temple is open between morning 7.00 AM to 10.30 AM and in the evening between 5.PM to 7.30 PM . Overall a nice spot to visit with your family on a weekend. There is lot for entertainment & shopping around to make your visit happier. Do share your visit experience.