Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura

In this article we share our visit experience of "Sri Agasthyeshwara temple"  at Tirumakudalu Narasipura ( popularly known as T. Narasipura ) , a panchayat town in Mysore district which attracts with its serene beauty and historic spots - 150 kms from Bangalore.

Myth of this temple  - Wiki 

It is said that Tirumakudalu is the place where sage Agasthya had visualized it as 'Dakshina Kashi' long ago. When he traveled down South to Narsipura, the town was a thick forest. Enamored by the confluence of the three rivers - Kaveri, Kapila and the undercurrent of Spatika Sarovara - he wanted to establish a Shiva Linga there and asked Hanuman to get him a linga from Kashi. Since the auspicious period lasting three-and-a-three-fourth of a galige was fast approaching and Hanuman failed to get the linga on time, the sage created a sand linga himself and consecrated it. An insulted Hanuman, who returned soon, cut off the top portion of the sand linga consecrated by Agasthya. Ever since this incident a perennial presence of water which is believed to be the water of Ganga can be found in the axed summit of the linga, and the same is offered as thirtha (holy water) to the pilgrims. The linga that Hanuman brought was consecrated a little distance away and is called the Hanuman Linga.

This temple is in the sacred campus of the Cauvery , Kabini , Spatika rivers confluence - Sangama point where Kumbhamela is held every 3 years .  Our team reached here on a sunny sunday noon when the temple was just about to close at 12.30 PM. We were lucky to get the darshan.

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 1
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Front View Gopura
The temple inner sanctums where the Hanuman linga is present shows a glimpse of the traditional art style combination of the Chola , Hoysala and Vijayanagara reigns.

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 2
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Idol carvings
 On the temple outside walls , we saw this inscription laid during the temple renovations by the Dewan of Mysore his excellency Mirza Muhammad Ismail.

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 3
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura  - Inscription

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 4
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Pillars Inside

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 5
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Main Sanctum View
We could get the theertha (sacred water) which the priest informed it was from the head of Hanuman Linga.
Besides this temple there are few Hindu mutts , namely the Sosale mutt and Sringeri Vyasaraja mutt. It seems many hindus visit here to perform some rites. Beside the mutt is a small area where hundreds of Naga Lingas are  consecrated. These are however from the devotees. The sosale mutt was closed when we had reached , our guide said it houses hundreds of Hanuman idols. Thats a lot of collections here !!

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 6
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Naga Lingas

We were very amazed to see a unique style here - for every shiva linga inside the temple there is a nandi idol in front of it and there are at-least more than 30 such lingas unlike other temples . There is also a big idol of Kamakshi goddess here.

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 7
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Inside view
 The Sangama point river banks are just beside this temple.There are arrangements made for Coracle boat rides ( Haragolu  / Teppa in Kannada ) for visitors to reach the sangama point , enjoy the back waters and also reach the other end to visit the famous GunjaNarasimhaSwamy temple here. There is also other temples such as Bhiksheshwara , Rudra pada point which may attract the visitors.

Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura 8
Agasthyeshwara temple , T Narasipura - Sangama point 
Overall we had a very nice experience visiting this spot. We enjoyed the coracle ride all over the river banks which was very good. This temple is open between morning 7 AM to 12.30 PM and at evening between 4 to 7.30 PM . Definitely a weekend picnic spot to enjoy with family and friends.

Do visit this spot and share your experience. Check out our touring spots guide for more details on other spots