Annamma temple, Bangalore tourist attractions

In our Karnakata , one may notice - communities in each and every Village or Grama - worship one god or goddess . They name it as the Grama devathe or the Goddess of the Village. Belief is that this god does not allow evil to enter inside their village , hence protecting their Grama safe. Also it is worshiped to clear them off their pains , hurdles .

Annamma temple , Bangalore - Pallaki Idol

Annamma temple , Bengaluru - Front view

One such temple is our Annamma temple situated in the busiest part of the city , Gandhinagar subedhar road. This temple is very adjacent to the city's center the gateway to Bengaluru - Majestic which connects the city to other parts of the state through buses, railway transport network and hence is always crowded throughout the day.

Annamma temple - inside Gopura

Annamma temple , Bengaluru - Sculptures showing forms of Parvathi

Annamma is considered as the Grama devathe or the goddess of Bengaluru . It is believed , she brings in safe to the city avoiding all evils , she brings in harmony avoiding any disease to reach Bangalore. Core Bengalurians visit at-least once to this temple and submit their thanks giving in the form of performing poojas honestly, distributing Prasada.  This temple may be existing since the period of Kempegowda the founder of Bangalore. The idol of Annamma believed to be  found during the formation of Dharmambhudhi lake.

The beautiful part of this temple is people from all castes visit and submit their prayers.Although there is a tradition followed of giving 'Bali' - an oblation to the god by offering meat of animals / birds in such Grama devathe temples , this temple does not have such requirements. Devotees who suffer from chicken pox, believed to visit here and after having the holy neem leaves water sprinkled over them , the disease gets cured - exhibiting the power of the goddess.

Annamma temple - Sanctum

Annamma temple View from outside

Annamma temple - Devotees offering curd pooja 

Annamma - the other form of Shakthi is worshiped all over Bangalore by holding processions , programs. There are specific idols in this temple which is used in such processions and are taken from this temple , once the programs are completed , its returned back to the temple. No one can escape from dancing to the rhythmic beats of famous tapanguchi 'Annamma Dance music'  in such processions !!  This temple also participates in the Bangalore cultural event Karaga every year.

Temple is open from morning 06.30 AM till 07 PM. Usually crowded at all times , devotees inflow is more on Fridays , Sundays which is considered auspicious.  There is lot of entertainment around - movie theatres , malls to make ones visit more fulfilling. Do visit this temple with your family and friends and share your visit experience.Check out our touring spots guide for more details on other spots