Kadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple , Malleshwaram , Bangalore tourist spots

Following our team's search of old temples in Bengaluru , we recently visited the Kadu MalliKarjunaSwamy or Kadu Malleshwara temple in Malleshwaram which is about 4-5 kms from the city center.

Kaadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple , Entrance Gopura
This temple is believed to be existing since 17th century and consecrated by the great Chatrapati Shivaji , the Maratha emperor's brother Venkoji . It follows the dravidian style of construction.  Deity worshipped is Lord Shiva -  in the form of Linga . Also referred as 'Malleshwara' - the layout during its formation is also named after this place as "Malleshwaram".  As during the time of construction , the idol may be submerged in the dense forest area it is appended with 'Kadu' meaning forest in Kannada.

Kaadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple , Malleshwaram - Back entrance

This is just adjacent to the busiest Malleshwaram market road and attracts many visitors . The temple has almost 3-4 entrances. The main entrance is at the other end of the main road , surrounded by a temple complex - Gangama , Nandhi Teertha and the Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temples. 

Kaadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple , Inside the sanctum
The main linga of Malleshwara seems to be old , while the other idols accompanying Ganesha , Parvathi , Subramanya seem to be recently consecrated.  The main shrine entrance is fully coated with Brass material with beautiful designs. The stone pillars say a story on the age of this temple.  The main linga is about a feet height and is one of the short linga we had come across.

Kaadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple , stairs
Temple surroundings is well maintained , there is a beautiful park with lush green plants , flowers and trees with stone benches which attracts many love couples enjoying the shade and calmness of the spot !   

Kaadu MallikarjunaSwamy temple - park inside
Many devotees perform special poojas like Girija Kalyana etc and ShivaRathri is celebrated on a high note here. Temple is open from morning 6.30 AM till noon 12.30 PM and in the evening between 04.30 PM to 07.30 PM. A very nice place to visit with family and friends and enjoy the surrounding locality.

Do visit this spot and share your experience.  Check out our touring spots guide for more details on other spots