LakshmiNarayana Temple , Hosaholalu , Krishnarajapete - masterpiece Part 1 , Bangalore picnic spots

In this article we share our visit's awesome experience of Sri LakshmiNarayana temple at HosaHolalu, Krishnarajapete , a town in Mandya district which attracts with its serene beauty and historic spots - 160 kms from Bangalore.

Sri LakshmiNarayana temple , Hosaholalu , Krishnarajapete , Mandya

History of this temple as per Archaeological  department

Hosaholalu was part of the Ganga and Chola dominions till the 11th century. The Hoysalas built an Agrahara and was enclosed within a fort during the Vijayanagara rule. The LakshmiNarayana temple is a fine specimen of ornate vesara variety of Hoysala temples assignable to 13th century. Stellate on plan , it is a Trikutachala temple. Only the main shrine facing east has a sukunasi , a navaranga and a super structure . The pillars of the Navaranga are lathe-turned and well polished. Dancing female sculptures in different mudras adorn the capitals of these pillars.

On the exterior of the temple stands on a high raised platform with conventional mouldings, the stellate corners of which are provided with sculptures of elephant denoting Astadiggajas. The images carved on the walls are about two and a half feet high , fine specimen of Hoysalas workmanship.  These images revolving around the chaturvimasti aspect of Vishnu and other deities are interrupted by double-storeyed chariot like shrines at west , north and south of the stellate garbhagriha. 

The sculptures of Panduranga, Govardhandhari, Saraswathi , Madhava, Dhanavantari , Dakshinamurthi and Mohini are noteworthy amongst the wall sculptures. The friezes and scroll work and the railing panels on the adhisthana are of much interest.  The superstructure over the western shrine of four talas have intricately sculptured hara units of which prominent ratha projections have sculptural depictions of various deities. 

The stupi in the form of inverted stupi has a finial atop. The sides and mahanasa of the sukanasa are also well carved .  A closed mandapa built of granite blocks towards east obviously a later addition of 17th century AD, disturbs the original layout plan of the temple built of chrolite schist.

Our team visited here on a Sunday noon by 13:00 hrs . We cover this temple in detail in 2 parts. In this first part we bring you some snaps of the temple surroundings and the wall art work of the Hoysalas  .  Covering 2 acres of space this temple is a treat for the eyes with its natural beauty and surroundings.  

LakshmiNarayana temple View - well on the side

LakshmiNarayana temple - Gopura View

LakshmiNarayana temple View - Awesome Wall Artwork

LakshmiNarayana temple View - Awesome Wall Artworks

LakshmiNarayana temple View - side view