LakshmiNarayana Temple , Hosaholalu , Krishnarajapete - masterpiece Part 2 - Bangalore picnic spots

In this second article of LakshmiNarayana Temple , we cover the internal structure of the temple. On entering inside this temple one may experience a sense of satisfaction and brings peace to one's mind - such is the way the carvings are sculptured and the feel inside. 

On tapping pillar stones , we could hear the tone of tapping a steel. The priest here said these pillars were brought to this place using elephants which used to push them all the way , in those days during construction. 

LakshmiNarayana Temple - Entrance to main GopalaKrishna sanctum

The priest says the Narasimha swamy & lakshmi idol is one of the special one which has Prahaladha also on the right side . Below image shows the entry to this sanctum. We may notice even the door entrance chappara too is beautifully carved showing the glory. Next to this is the Venugopalaswamy idol which priest mentioned is unique holding shanka on the right hand.

LakshmiNarayana Temple - Entrance to main NaraSimha idol sanctum

LakshmiNarayana Temple - Small gopuram inside

LakshmiNarayanaSwamy temple , Carvings
On these pillars we noticed Hanuman praying to Lord Rama carvings.

LakshmiNarayanaSwamy temple , Pillars

LakshmiNarayanaSwamy temple , Roof Carvings

A special art on the roof tomb type structure , with a carving of Bala krishna holding a snake - may be adishesha.  The main idol of Sri krishna with flute was little damaged. Regular poojas are performed here and temple attracts devotees in the surrounding villages , once in a year special functions are conducted here during Narasimha Jayanthi and celebrated with large numbers.

LakshmiNarayanaSwamy temple , Carvings 
Overall we loved our visit to this great artistic temple . As per the priest , temple is open on 3 days in a week. For tourists we recommend to visit on Sundays where the temple is open throughout the day from 08 AM to 6 PM. This is a must visit spot who like ancient temples and historic spots. Do visit here with your friends and family and share your visit experience.

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